I might have 'tied' Spooky's record

I am not 100% positive but I think that I ‘tied’ Spooky’s record for having multiple pod failures in one day. Without boring anyone with the tiny details I had 3 pods fail this morning during the priming process, one after another. Finally after the 3rd pod failed and after making 3 calls to Insulet, the last representative spoke with her supervisor and they decided that it might well be my PDM that caused all the trouble. So they will Fed Ex me a new PDM tomorrow and it will probably arrive sometime Tuesday. What started out to be a quiet, peaceful Sunday morning turned out to be a real hassle.

Then I had to search for my 1st generation PDM (thank goodness I still had it) and try to reprogram my current basal setting into it. I learned something though, through all of this and that is: write down your current PDM setting in a place where you can put your hands on it and also write down your total daily average units used (in case you need to go back on multiple daily injections). Also, I learned that the 1st generation PDM can be programmed to display more than 4 basal rates, you need to “scroll” down on the screen (which I NEVER knew before). I sure hope the rest of my day goes better. Have a good day to all of you :slight_smile:

Spooky …don’t worry about that…as I said before I was deleted, I appreciate learning from hearing about other’s experiences. We are all here to listen and offer support.

Sorry, Mayumi, about your rough morning. Hopefully, that will be the toughest thing you have to go through all day! I’m glad OmniPod was supportive. You guys might not be the only people reporting back-to-back failures.

I can’t compete with your and Spooky’s priming failures, but I did have 3 pods occluded in one day. Two of them occluded less than 10 minutes after I put them on. They were my “spares” that I had been carrying around for a while. Now I rotate my spare pods so I am not carrying the same ones around for months at a time.

If you upload your PDM to CoPilot, there is an OmniPod PDM Settings Report that you can print so you don’t have to write down all the settings. Page three has all the settings on it.


Grrrrr!!! Guess I have the dubious honor of having 4 pods fail in one week. As I was ‘priming’ a new pod yesterday morning with the new PDM - the pod failed and I got “pod error please remove at once”. So I made yet another call to Insulet and they will replace it. I talked with a nice lady there and I told her that IF Insulet really wants to keep aware of how their customers feel about their product, they should read the post on TuDiabetes forums. She actually seemed interested. I was beginning to think there was something wrong with my technique of putting it on. But she walked me through the ‘correct’ steps and it isn’t me, and it isn’t you either Spooky, it is the pod. Have a good day. I still love my pod though because it beats MDI anytime IMHO.

An update - I take no great pleasure in the fact that since my initial post I’ve had two more ‘priming failures’ the last one being this morning. When I called Insulet regarding having 5 priming failures in the past two weeks, the lady I spoke with was very kind. She asked me many questions and the conclusion we came to was this…the pod is a machine and sometimes machines fail. I am hoping my string of bad luck is about over…I don’t need any more trouble like this.

I’ll cross my fingers for you, Mayumi.

I can’t believe it !!! I had another priming failure this morning while changing my pod. Called tech support and of course got the usual apology and we will replace the pod. This makes 6 pods (from the same Lot # that have failed in the past 12 days. BTW, in case anyone wants to know the Lot # that I’ve had so much trouble with is L30133 and 2 of the serial numbers were 170208 and 170212. I’m beginning to think there is a black cloud hanging over my house. I’m also wondering if I should take a pump holiday (and I always wondered WHY anyone would want to do that) and now I know WHY. :frowning: :frowning:

I had two failures this AM…called and got same great support with promise of replacement. It’s too bad. I hope they are able to fix these glitches, but as long as they replace the pods, I’m OK with it.

Mine were both lot # L30171.

Elaine - Sorry to hear of your misfortune. I agree that Insulet’s tech support is great and for the most part they have a wonderful product. However in my case at least, when 75% of the pods I’ve tried to use within the past 12 days have failed…something is wrong someplace. I spoke with the tech support manager three days ago when one of my other pods failed and she advised me to send a copy of my out of pocket expenses for insulin and a letter explaining why I would like ‘reimbursement’ and then they MIGHT issue a check for part of my insulin expenses. Usually I save every receipt, especially the medical ones, but since I usually get a 3 month supply of insulin from our pharmacy, the receipt is one that I either misplaced or just plain lost. So … now that I’ve lost a vial’s worth of insulin it is just plain gone. Today is just one of those days when I question why I ever wanted to be on the OmniPod…but tomorrow I’m pretty sure I will feel differently.


  1. It looks like you will run out of insulin before you are eligible to refill the 3 month supply. If it were me, I would ask my endo or primary care to write me a prescription for amount I will be short. Then I would have a receipt to request reimbursement.

  2. If you are not going to run out of insulin before you are eligible to refill, ask your pharmacy if they can print a duplicate receipt. If you explain why (your pump failed, you lost insulin and the pump manufacturer is going to reimburse you) they might be willing to print a duplicate.


Thanks Brad. I will definitely be running out before I am eligible to refill the 3 month supply. I never thought of doing what you’ve suggested, but I have to see my primary care tomorrow morning so I will have the perfect opportunity to ask for a prescription. I guess I’ve been so distraught over the pod failures and my recent hospitalization that I’m not thinking clearly. Again…thank you for your suggestion.


Mayumi, as Brad said, it might be possible to get a copy of your receipt for the insulin prescription from the pharmacy. CVS was able to do that for me when I needed one for some insurance reason or other. It is a frustrating waste. I am able to pull some of the insulin out of a pod, but not all.