I need help making a decision

My Endo is pushing for me to get the new 530G upgrade. My current MM Revel pump is still under warranty with two years left but, my CGM warranty expired. Both are still working fine but, not sure how much longer my CGM will hold on.

I'm willing to wait on the pump upgrade but, I wouldn't mind the upgrade on the CGM Enlite sensors. From what I hear MM won't sell the CGM Enlite sensors unless you have the new 530G pump.

So, what I'm stuck with here is:

1-If my CGM goes out, will I still be able to purchase the old transmitter with the old soft sensors to match up with the Revel pump?

2-I usually wait to make my upgrades when my 4 year warranty is up. From what I'm reading Pathway will not give me the full 4 year warranty. It will give me the two years left of my current warranty. Is it worth getting a new pump with only a two year warranty?

3-Will my insurance company frown on this upgrade and give me a hassle?

1. If you have a working transmitter, you CAN use the new Enlite sensors with it, and Revel pump. MM says no because it is not FDA approved. But if your dr gives you an Rx for Enlites, you should be able to get them. Many claim they have done this. My understanding is that the Transmitters are the same.

2. Pathway is really a 'switch-out', so your existing warranty period stays the same. It has always been that way.

3.Insurance won't know anything about the 'upgrade', they won't cover that cost. You need to pay out of pocket.

So unless you really want the low glucose suspend feature of the 530G, you might want see if your Dr will Rx the Enlites, and go 'off label' from FDA approved use.
Check for other discussions here where folks are using Enlites with their Revel pumps.
The main difference is the Revel will say the sensor is ended at 3 days, and you can restart to get the 6-day time for the Enlite. And restart again if still accurate. Seems some get 6 days, others get more or less.

However, I'm using Dexcom CGMS with MM 523, and don't have personal experience with Enlites. I used MM CGMS and sof-sensors several years ago, and so far, not sounding like I'll switch back.

BTW.. why does your Endo want you to upgrade ? What does s/he say are the advantages ?

Hi, MegaMinxX!
Thank you for answering my questions. I had no idea my insurance company would not know about the upgrade.
My Endo wants me to upgrade because of the shorter needles and better accuracy of the Enlite sensors. I just received a 3 month supply of soft sensors and I don't want to waste them so, I think I'll use those up before making a switch to the Enlites.
Thanks again, Kat