Medtronic CGM & ENLITE Requires $$$$$ and unfair PUMP upgrade

Medtronic has released their new ENLITE sensor which has better accuracy and a shorter needle. It is sold with their new 530g insulin pump. I recently learned that the new sensor uses the same CGM system as packaged with their legacy insulin pumps, They will only sell it with the 530g. In other words, for most of us, we need to buy their new PUMP to benefit from a more accurate sensor and smaller needle. Very frustrating.

The newer pump has more features such as automatic basal cut off but many of us could benefit from just having a more accurate system and shorter needle. There should be no reason to have a fork lift upgrade and charge more to an already burdened healthcare system and tell diabetics they need to drop their current pump and pay several thousand dollars out of pocket. There is a pump program where they will only charge $500 dollars if you jump through enough hoops.

I've talked to an engineer at Medtronic as well as email people around the globe who are somehow getting the Enlite sensors through independent channels working with their Medtronic CGM and their legacy pump. No issues. The problem is Medtronic will not sell it to you in the U.S. unless you buy the who package claiming the FDA approval card - very convenient sales mechanism.

If your doctor prescribes it, they'll sell it to you. I just got it two days ago and started it yesterday.

I thought it wasn't available until Jan or February next year? Did you get the new pump with CGM?

Nope, just the Enlite sensors, which seem to work great with my 523 pump, although only 2 days into it.

is the enlite better then the prior medtronic CGM. I use a dex but I'm thinking of going back to my revel (pods starting to hurt) and was thinking about trying their new CGM. I really like my Dex though.

You could always switch to calculation-supported MDI for $100 !

I've only had the Enlite for a couple of days but the daily average was only 2 points off the input meter readings, which is less than it usually is with the Paradigm or Guardian or whatever the old model sensors are. I'm not quite sure how I can channel this into improved numbers but the flip side might be doing less work somehow which is always another big win for me.

Great, acidrock. I ordered the whole shebang ( pump and the new sensors), since I do not have to pay for it. Hope it and the enlite sensors come soon. How was the training, which I was told I had to take?
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Give it time. The FDA slows everything down in the US. This is good and bad but give it time.

I posted on this a while back. Medtronic will sell them to you. Just get a new prescription from your doc. They will warn you that it is not approved. But they work fine.
I have been using them for over a month.

The best way to do it is to order them online. The give you the warning but the sensors will ship like usual. You do need to have a new prescription on file though.