I Need Help!

I write this post attemptig to speak as not just me-as other people, young or old who may be feeling the same and desparately need advice and guidance!

I told someone the other day I have had diabetes for ten years and his response was "wow, you must be a pro at it now!"

And his answer filled with such misery and dread that it realyl made me think. I still ahve NO IDEA what I'm doing with my Diabetes. And hearing stroies about all the terrible things that could happen to me and many of us later in life, it scares me. I feel the need to do something about it, to gtake better care of myself, but I dont know how and I don't know where to start.

I am 19, and live with my bf who alhtough very loving and supporting cannot always remember the difference between hyper and hypo. So I'm kinda on my own. I ofte crave sugary or fatty foods, and often give in. I play around with my insulin alhtough I know its bad for me, and when I go through bad patches, I often skip meals.

I dont wat to die. But often I dont wat to live either. So I toughen up and try my best to do my insulin and eat healthily. But still, reading so many posts about how other popel look after themselves, I know I could be doing so much better.

My question is, how do I find the motivation? Where do I start?

Waking up every morning is a good place to start, butany other suggestions would be welcome!

My suggestion. Find someone or something to live for. For me 1st it was my mom and dad (took it at 10 now 47) Then my husband who like your bf had no real clue how to do it. Later it was my kids and bow it’s my g-kids. I know how alone you feel but ALWAYS REMEMBER we’re here to help you!

Boy this is a tough one!! You are at such an impressionable age, and it would be easy to take the wrong road! I have had Diabetes for 44 yrs now; believe me it is not an easy thing to live with. At your age I also wanted to die; but something stopped me. Just keep visiting this site, ask questions, and we will all help where we can. Join the local Society, find a hobby or sport you enjoy, JUST KEEP POSITIVE! Talk to your nurse, Doctor, anyone who will listen…

We’re all mostly on our own in this. Even the people we’re closest to can’t truly understand.

Probably of no use to you, but what keeps me motivated is remembering how DKA felt. I was dying. I told myself that I’d do whatever I had to to never feel that way again. When I came out of the comatose state & was told I had diabetes, my first question was–how long until I go blind? Doctor smiled & said never IF you take care of yourself. I want to continue seeing this beautiful world & the faces I love. I do it for me.

Knowledge is power & empowering. Can’t be in control when you don’t feel you know what to do. Start at the beginning with small steps just like a newbie. No one’s a pro at this. If you’re not counting carbs, start there. If you’re unsure of how to dose insulin properly, learn & ask people here. Using Insulin is a great book. So is Think Like A Pancreas. I love Jenny’s site www.bloodsugar101.com. Every step moving forward provides motivation & confidence to take the next step.

Always set a small goal for yourself and allow yourself rewards now and then. Think of what you want from the future like having kids? At 19 all this is hard enough as life is suppose to be fun and it can be just have to watch what and how you do things. Diabetes is not something you tame you have to stay on your toes as it is not the same for any two people so only you can watch you :slight_smile: the good thing is it was caught and you know it is there and can get a handle on it without a many problems later in life.

Remember that you will feel better when you are healthy! Being low sucks, being high sucks…being in the middle feels good. I’m 29, have had D for over 20 years and just recently realized that there is a community out there; there are people who want to help you succeed. I just went back in to the Int’l D Ctr in Mn, and went through some education classes and I actually learned a lot! A refresher course is always good…and with the new ways of teaching, more understanding of the emotional aspects, it is a little easier. See if you can get your bf to go with you, or at least maybe sit down and explain more details, you may feel better psychologically and feel more secure if you know HE knows enough to take care of you if necessary and support you in eating, exercise, and normal D activities.

looking for motivation? what is important to you? is it your boyfriend or family/friends? is there a mark you want to make on the world? you are 19 and have a lot onyour plate right now but also have a whole world open to you (I remember being 19 and not believe this sh!t either but it is true Life can suck but it is also can be unbelieveably beatiful.) find the things that matter to you and chase them down w/ all your heart. good luck and take care