Fed up with it all!

arent you all fed up with this...
It feels like diabetes is overtaking me.. i keep getting upset... just wanna give up. I dont want to sound soo negative but what to do. Feel like i cant handle it no more. how to be optimistic again ?/

Nat, we've all just written to you with ways to help yourself. I know its hard, but being negative won't help you. There is no alternative (well there is, but lets not go there) to working to control your diabetes and with success comes positive thinking. So get to work girl. Everyone here will help you all they can with any questions you may have about controlling your diabetes. Hugs, Maureen

In your previous thread, "How do I learn to live with diabetes?" you got 23 responses and lots of good suggestions. Feeling discouraged is understandable, but "if you don't change something, nothing change". Pick something from all those suggestions. Start small. Pick one little thing you can do to make things better. Then when that one works, go on to the next one. It will get easier as you start to feel empowered to control your diabetes and find a place for it in a life that is filled with other enjoyable friends, activities interests and goals. I promise!

One reading at a @*(#@)&#@& time!

You cannot care about the 30 year "consequence" because they are NEVER guaranteed. What you deal with is the number, and ONLY the number that is in front of you. Nothing more complex than that single one.

You are absolutely 100% right, fed up... your darn skippy! Negative is good, it means you're alive and still thinking... all good things, no?! If you are not rolling on the ground strangling this beast, trying to make it behave/obey... you're doing something REAL different than most of us!

So what SPECIFICLY is going on... you are among peers..... Let it out, put it into words... 100% guaranteed someone here has heard them, if just in their own heads. Put thoughts to words... lets pull you back from the edge.

We'll all take turns slapping your dragon around, we'll make it play nice. Talk to us.

You're just having a bad day. Everything will be OK. Don't let these bad days make you give up on your diabetes because REMEMBER, Diabetes is a full time job and it doesn't like quitters, if you quit, diabetes will turn on you and make your life a living hell. You can quit, but diabetes NEVER QUITS so you have to fight it every day.

They say type 1 diabetics are some of the strongest people in the world since our condition calls for A LOT of attention; so give it attention! Fight it! Don't let its obstacles discourage you, keep going! Since I am a strong "Type 1 Diabetic Woman" I am a fighter! I've had "D" since before my first birthday so I've been fighting for 23 years, this battle will never end and I will never lose. SAY IT WITH ME! :-)

Thank you for all the replies
They all acually made me smile... yes i will fight with it :)

Good! Everything will be ok. Just keep fighting!

Hi nat, just wanted to put in my two cents and send you some support, my son has had diabetes for 3 years and is just starting to deal with handling his D on his own socially,so i feel your pain. but maybe a slight change in attitude or perception of yourself with diabetes may help. you said i'll keep fighting , this suggests a struggle. we all struggle with aspects of our lives, situations, people etc. but when we accept what we can not change we can move with it, we grow and become stronger, not just victims. i feel alot of people on tu here have come to that level of acceptance and this is how they move with greater ease through their days and become better for it, rising above... again i am not a diabetic but as a parent trust me i have been deeply affected by D, but hope to instill in my son the attitude of one happy diabetic,that someday he will be a better person because of diabetes, hoping for better days for you nat, you are not alone! amy

Stay connected , stay in a community.
Alone anything is hard, find someone online AND in real life to live, talk, share your diabetes together.
I found a group of now friends and it makes all look just better!


I hope you can get access to some of the latest technologies, a pump and cgm, it has helped kennedy hav more data to make better decisions about her numbers, an to stay active an not fear going low with exercise!!

hey amy
I ahve been posititve aboutt it
it was like being diabetinc in body not mind.. nut it all changed dont really know why.
It all just sddenly hit me but i used be lovely, cheerful happy person. i guess i started to think of what it really brings to life..

Hi nat, maybe it is like the 3 year itch reality has really set in? i would hazard to say you are still the same you but feeling more depressed over the situation, have you seen a therapist it may really help if things have gone from white to black so to speak it could be more of a clinical depression that you would need more help with obviously just speculating but wish you well! where are you from by the way? i'll be sending you some better energy if wishes could help you would be feeling lighter already! keep your chin up. amy

I dont really want to go to the clinic.. I believe i will be fine :)

I've been beyond fed up with it for most of my life. Nearly a half century. In short its ruined my life. Unfortunately we can't do a god dam thing. It's either live and suffer or die. It's really as simple as that. Maybe just maybe we will eventually see a corrective biological treatment. Take care of yourself in the meantime.

Thank you for the replies.
I might go and see the doctor but i constantly feel up and down. Like happy and then sad.. ?


Some people with diabetes are ultra sensitive to the glucose fluctuations and like myself I am in a very disturbed state when they are not perfect. A little to low or high and the symptoms are pretty awful. If your unfortunate like me there really is no way around it or solution because as a diabetic your levels will never run like a non diabetic except on occasion. More people seem to be mentally unstable with lows but I have that problem with both. You should keep a record of when you feel in a good frame of mind and what your levels are at the time. Not that that is an answer but at least you can see a trend if the levels are causing sadness and or depression. Despite some of the encouragement here Diabetes is relentless. Your life becomes an emotional roller-coaster. Personally I can never accept what this disease has done to me and the only light at the end of the tunel is a cure.

Do you have any links to studies substantiating "some people with diabetes are ultra sensitive?" It goes against the grain of uniformitarianism. Unless there's a study we can read about and attack, of course...

I'm not a big fan of "curism" either. Sure, there are people working towards it and they are scientists, blah blah blah. I have what I have to attack diabetes with now and that's all I'm gonna have until then. I'll bet $5.00 there's no cure within 5 years, just to make it interesting...

Yeah five years is very unlikely but I think within the decade is feasible. It wont be a cure either, Just a corrective biological treatment far superior to this. I think the science is there but more of the problem is going to be able to produce it in a cost effective way to be able commercialize it for the entire diabetic community. I keep dreaming one day I will call one of the companies doing their trials and they hook me up. I quit my BS job and get involved in the trial. I promised my mom years ago I'd get off insulin before she passes on and I pray for her sake and mine I can keep that promise. And yes though maybe not so common but trust me there are other people with diabetes besides myself that are ultra sensitive. The difference between them and me is I stopped living because of it and they didn't.

I'd also bet $5 that it's more likely to be that you're data is flawed somehow. Following doctor's orders, not testing, not watching carbs, etc. can all contribute to "rollercoastering"