I Need Some BG Help!

Ok so Im playing volleyball this year at school. I tried out last year but I didnt make it. Last year during tryouts, Id always go low right after we were done. But this year almost everyday after practice Ive been high. Usually around 240. I dont like being so high but Im kinda scared to give myself a bolus right before in case I go low during practice. If I do go low, I wont feel it until its dangerously low cause Im hypo unaware. When I go low, I wont feel it until Im in the upper 30s, sometimes lower.
Any suggestions welcome :slight_smile:

I go high after exercise too (even if i was normal or low during exercise). Measure and bolus right after the exercise. You are right that you do not want to give a correction before exercising.

Are you eating before exercising? Maybe you don’t need to eat as much, if you are.

Thanks Kristin! No I usually dont eat before exercising. I did when I was going low but when I noticed the highs I stopped.
Thanks again :slight_smile: