Dang...More BG Problems in Volleyball...Help?

Over the summer, every day after Volleyball practice my bg would be really high. Now its the total opposite. before practice is even over it goes down to like 50. Plus Im hypo unaware so I dont even feel it. I’ll just do a quick check before we scrimage against eachother to make sure I dont mess up during the scrimage and I’ll be really low. After I go so low, I cant get back up again. So Ive been missing the last 15 minutes of practice every day due to low sugars. It doesnt matter how high I am before practice, I still go low. Like yesterday, I was almost 300 before practice, took a unite of insulin (Im on the pump, btw) and then went down to 60. The day before I started at 250 and went down to 50. I cant figure out how to make it stop!
Im missing way too much practice!
Any advice?

Not sure what pump you are on, but I am sure they have a temporary basal rate… I would lower your temp rate by 50% or maybe more since you are dropping so much… It sometimes helps me to start the temp basal rate a half hour or even an hour before extreme exercise and sometimes extend it to an hour or hour and a half after volleyball… Hope this helps you!!!

Hey Kenneth,
Im on the one touch ping. Thanks for the advice! I’ll try it next time we have practice!

Are there any differences between the summer practices and now? For example, are you doing more aerobic exercise/warm-up?

WRT the 300 and then 250, do you have an idea as to what caused this (…fries for lunch…)? Did you do all the required hand-washing stuff to test and/or do a second test on the other hand to verify the reading?

For now I would avoid a correction bolus just before practice. I would definitely lower my basal for an hour before practice and up to 3 hours after (remember, YDMV).

Stay positive!
Fair Winds,

Like the others, I’d skip the correction bolus, and lower my basal well in advance of the work out. Plus maybe have a snack before working out, like 1/2 peanut butter sandwich - something with carbs and fat.

Hey Mike, theres not much difference between summer practice and school practice at all. whats WRT mean?
I’ll try that tomorrow Maureen. Thanks everyone!

WRT = with regard to

oh ok. thanks :slight_smile:

anyone have any suggestions as to what snack with protien i could eat in my 7th period class?

Hi Brandi,
If you are not already, you may want to attempt going on a CGM. It will help with the unawareness, as it will beep at you.

Peanut Butter crackers or the 1/2 pb sandwich that Maureen suggested should work well. Good luck. Let us know how you make out.

today was good! i used a temp basal during 7th period and ate pb crackers. ended at around 250, which i would prefer over 50 any day :slight_smile: still workin on it though