I need to choose which CGM & pump I want so doc can start the process

At my last dr visit, I was given some info on 2 different “systems”. The OmniPod and the Medtronic Paradigm. There are pluses and minuses to both…the one feature that really excites me about the OmniPod is that the pump is tubeless, but will require 2 seperate devices (OmniPod calls it a “manager”) and the Medtronic pump has tubing, which for some silly reason is the reason I have avoided a pump all these years, but both the pump and the CGM are controlled by one “manager”. I need to decide which system is the one I want to go with so my doc can start the paperwork rolling.

BTW…I am a 48 yr old female, diagnosed at age 9. Basically in poor control for many years, except during both of my pregnancies.

I would love to hear what others feel about the 2 systems I am considering.

I’ve heard this mentioned as a good place to meet other people using insulin pumps:

I’ve never needed one myself.

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If you are looking to not have several devices attached to your body at once I would get the Medtronic pump as long as you want to start using CGM. If you are not going to use CGM then it is a toss up because both are excellent systems. There have been rumors that Medtronic is working on a pod system but it will be several years before we see it on the market. I use the Minimed 522 with CGM and absolutely love it. The tubing can be annoying at times but for the most part it is not a problem.

Hi David, and thanks for your quick reply. I will be getting both a pump and a CGM. I really have “mental block” toward the pump with the tubing…but would love to just have one “manager” for both devices instead of two. I am leaning toward the tubeless pump…that is what really appeals to me right now. Unfortunately, nobody makes a device that has everything I would like in one device: CGM/tubeless pump combo, that only requires one “manager”. Heck…we can all dream, can’t we??? I think the Medtronic device has it’s benefits, too, such as it would mean only one device attatched to my body…but with tubing. OmniPod is 2 devices, but no tubing.
I can’t decide!!!

Hi Cindi,
Something that really helped me was the Insulin Pumpers Forum and a good tallk with Landileigh. Everyone is so kind and helpful and another person whose opinion I really look for is David who just answered right up above me. I dragged my feet for so long about making my decison about a pump and feel like I should have done it sooner. Now my paperwork is in and I am waiting for a decison from my insurance. I wish you well and the only thing I would add is " go ahead and do it." Good luck to you.

That is why I am looking forward to Medtronic hopefully coming out with a pod system because I am sure the “manager” would support their CGMS as well. By the time they do come out with it my current pump should be out of warranty and then I can upgrade!!

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I have used both the dexcom and the minimed systems, and greatly prefer the minimed. I am a bit clutzy, but I found it awkward to keep the dexcom on me with out dropping it or risking losing it all of the time, and would dread having to hang onto both the dexcom receiver and the omnipod manager. In my experience, tubing is only something you notice for the first few weeks, and then it just becomes part of your life.

An Omnipod news release from January states that they are working on integrating the Dexcom CGM into their pump so you would have just one “manager” with a tubeless pump. I’ve read that such a system might come out as early as Summer 2009.

“January 7, 2008 - Insulet Corporation (NASDAQ: PODD), the leader in wearable insulin pump technology with its OmniPod® Insulin Management System, and DexCom, Inc. (NASDAQ: DXCM), a leading provider of continuous glucose monitoring systems for people with diabetes, announced today they have signed a development agreement to integrate DexCom’s continuous glucose monitoring technology into the wireless, handheld OmniPod System Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM). In addition to programming the patient’s insulin delivery, the PDM with integrated DexCom technology will receive and display continuous glucose readings from DexCom’s wearable sensor transmitter. Patients using the integrated system will have access to real-time glucose values and trended glucose information, as well as alarms to warn patients if glucose levels are rising or falling.”

Hi Cindy,

I can tell you that I would advise against the Medtronic CGM in favor of the Dexcom CGM. I was planning to get a Medtronic CGM since I already use the Medtronic Paradigm pump, but then I learned that there is a 20 minute delay with that CGM. So the number you see is what your blood sugar was 20 minutes ago. (This has to do with testing interstitial fluid instead of blood.) However, the Dexcom system uses a different algorithm such that there is only a 5 minute delay. So the number you see is approximately your blood sugar 5 minutes ago. I started using the Dexcom system a few months ago and I like it. The sensors fail a lot, but every time they fail, the company replaces them for free (which is not the case with Medtronic). I would at least look into it. The supplies are also a little cheaper in case your insurance doesn’t cover it.

So, I have a separate device, which is kind of a drag, but the difference btw knowing my blood sugar 5 minutes ago and knowing what it was 20 minutes ago is a huge difference to me and the device for the CGM just goes in my purse or sits on my desk at work. My blood sugar can change a lot in 20 minutes!

With respect to the pumps, I have had great success with my Medtronic paradigm pump (I’ve had a Paradigm 515 for 3 years) and have no complaints there, but am considering switching to the OmniPod maybe in another year or so because I also like the lack of tubing and having one thing to hide on my body instead of the infusion site, tubing, and pump all tucked away somewhere.

I’d be interested to know what you decide and what you think of whichever option you decide to go with, since both are things I’ve considered.

All the best,

ps - With any CGM, you have to calibrate it twice a day with fingersticks. My doctor told me that with the Medtronic CGM cannot be calibrated at times when your blood sugar is rising or falling, which was also troubling to me. The Dexcom CGM can be calibrated almost any time. Just something else to consider. Best of luck making your choice and please let me know if you decide to do the Medtronic how it works for you!

I use the omni pod and am thinking about the dexcom. I used MM for 8 years and hate them and their customer service. WHen I was looking at a new pump 6 months ago my CDE told me that the dexcom was much more reliable than the MM CGM. Therefore I would recommend the pod/dexcom combo.