CGM and Omnipod or just Omnipod

Hello everyone!

My doctor has suggested that I be on a CGM with the pump. I really like the Omnipod and it doesn't come with CGM built in. I don't like the idea of wearing two devices. My doctor thught that Omnipod would be coming out with an integrated CGM in about six months...Hate to say that I don't want to wait that long! I have been a Type I for 22 years and this will be my first pump. Any comments, advice or suggestions, PLEASE!!!

Thanks, Michelle

Even though at first you might think that it would be a burden to carry an extra device for your CGM, in reality it is no big deal. In fact, you might appreciate the separate CGM unit because it comes with its own pros - longer battery life for your pump; ability to use it when you want to be on a pump vacation for whatever reason; easier upgrades or switching to other brands of CGM if you’re not satisfied with it; etc.

I strongly recommend that you try the Dexcom 7+ CGM.

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Thanks John!
There is so much that I have no idea about. I didn’t have a clue about longer battery life for the pump. What about upgrades or switching to another brand?

Hi Michelle, I am in the exact same situation as you, been MDI for 25 years and now looking into my first pump. I really like the omnipod, in fact i have the trial on right now for the first day. I talked with the Dexcom 7+ rep in my area, and he confirmed that the devices are working together, the technology is working, but they are awaiting on FDA approval. could be end of year before approved he thinks.
I think I am going to go for it and wear the two devices, I have a meeting with the endo this week to tell him what I am thinking and get some feedback.
let me know what you decide and good luck!

I highly recommend the Dexcom Seven Plus (I go into much more detail why here: ). In fact, I chose CGM over a pump. For me, control starts with knowing what your blood sugar is doing, then moves on to how you impact that. Any insulin delivery system will only be as good as the information it responds to. You will be amazed at how much you didn’t know about how different foods, activities, etc. affect you when you start using a CGM.

Thanks Chris! It is nice to know someone else is in the exact same place as I am. I look forward to hearing how you are doing also.

Thanks sisiay! I didn’t mention that I am hypoglycemic unaware also…I will check into the link that you posted.

I wear a Ping and I use a Dexcom… I have no problem carrying both :slight_smile: I’m anxious for the Ping to be integrated with the Dexcom, but MOSTLY so that with the pump as the receiver, it will be considered waterproof… as it is now, the Dex receiver is definitely not waterproof.

I have been for 15years and just got my first pump as well. I went with the omnipod and have had alot of problems with the pod reacting to my skin and also the company isn’t very good with saying in touch and helping. I didn’t get my first bill from them for over 5 months and I was calling them over and over and then one day go a bill for $1,500. But to each is own. I do have to say it is very nice to not have all that tubing and I have only had it for 6 months so maybe it just takes time and the company is kind of new. I hope I could help alittle.

Hi Shadow (Michelle?)

I have both the Opod and the Dexcom system. (I’m approaching the two year anniversary of my diagnosis, so I am most definitely a newbie compared to you!)

Can you explain what you mean by ‘wearing two devices?’ I keep my PDM (personal diabetes manager) in its case along with my test strips, glucose tabs, etc. on my desk, in my purse, at home when I run, etc (not on me). As far as my Dex, I keep that clipped to my purse during classes, on my night stand during the evening, and in my hand when I run. Perhaps you mean two sites? Although the Dex isn’t a site exactly. Anywho, can you clarify before I babble anymore? :slight_smile:

I also wouldn’t recommend getting a new pump and a new CGM at the same time. It’s a bit overwhelming to work both out at the same time.

@Tabby: I’m sorry you’ve had so many skin reaction problems with the oPod. I experienced some rashes/intense itching too. I tried placing a Tagederm below the Pod and have had pretty good success with keeping water out from under the Pod when I shower.

I vote oPod + Dex. I know nothing else about anything else (except Minimed, which IMHO is not a good choice).

Wishing you luck-

Hi awillie,
Sorry, I meant two sites…not two devices. See, I am more than a newbie at this terminology! How long did you wait to get the second device?

I received my oPod in Sept. '09 and Dex Apr. '10. I used a MM sensor on and off between those times until I realized I wasn’t really enjoying it/getting anything out of it (I have many issues with the MM sensor but others do just fine). So I was sensor-less for about 2-3 months.

I have been on a pump for over 13 years. Started with the Medtronic Minimed and switched to the OmniPOD 3 years ago. LOVE the OmniPOD!! My insurance covers 70% of the cost for supplies and the supplies for the OmniPOD are much cheaper than Minimed. I wish the pod was smaller but besides that I have been very happy with it. I like the OmiPod because your glucose meter is included in the pump device so it is less to carry. Not sure about a CGM, I’ve never used one. My AIC has been 5.5 to 6.5 for the past 7 years with using the pump therapy.

Hi everyone, I am new to the omipod, I haven’t received it as yet but I thought it would be great to join in the forum. My doctor also want me to get the CGM which I don’t won’t because that too much mechanics for me. I wanted to get used to the pump before I applied something else to my body.

I would choose the CGM over the pump. Personally.

Good luck with your new pump! Sounds like a reasonable plan to learn one device at a time. There’s much to learn, but you’ll probably find you’ll be a pro in no time, and may even be anxious to move on to a CGM sooner than you think. There are lots of experienced users here, so feel free to ask any questions you may have!

Thanks for the response. I thought the CGM just gives blood glucose monitoring not insulin delivery?

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I recently started omnipod around 2 weeks back and dexcom g5 1 year back. So my situation was opposite to yours. I got used to cgm and then decided to go for pump. Personally I will choose CGM over a omnipod (omnipod is great and I like it very much but CGM helps me better manage by sugar levels). You can try omnipod but you will need to test a lot more through out the day. And if you feel comfortable wearing device then you can look at CGM.


I can only speak for my own life, and that of my son…now 3 years old. Each “device” serves a distinct purpose so we’ve (not him yet…) gotten used to having them both on him. Pump keeps him living, and CGM helps us all sleep easier, knowing what his sugars are at any given time. Each is important in its own right and I’d hate to think what we’d do without either in our lives.

We alternate the CGM on the undersides of his biceps and we alternate the pump between his upper and side thighs as well as his upper buttocks area (alternate and rotating the cannula directions) to avoid issues with scarring later.

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It depends on your individual circumstances. Personally, I would have said the opposite - Having a CGM with MDI would just have shown me even more clearly what I already knew from fingersticks. Whatever my dose of long acting insujlin, I was going to be hypo twice a day and high every morning.

I would have said the same in the past, but actually, having a CGM makes setting basal rates a whole lot easier. I suspect the OP might be tempted to go for the Dexcom G5, which would obviate the need to carry a receiver around.

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