I need to lose weight! FAST!

Hello everyone. So I am a type 1 diabetic for 11 years now. I have noticed that my extra weight (mainly love handles) have played a major role in my bg levels. I have noticed that with this extra weight i have become more insulin resistant. Which is obviously not good. Does anyone have any tips on exercises i can do at home or at a park since I am a full time student and worker therefore i have very little free time. I had a gym membership but do to my lack of time, I cancelled it. Any tips or personal experiences will be highly appreciated. Thank you

Im T1 and would Like to lose 15 myself. Good luck.

no fast fix.sorry. it`s eating right and getting the15-30 mins of cardio in and excerise. maybe you can get one of thoes 30 min work out videos and do that after work or before work.

If you're not exercising now, then adding exercise can be a big benefit as long as you don't increase your food intake to offset your exercise. I use a rowing machine 20 minutes a day three days a week. I try to exercise at least two more days a week by walking or doing yard work (shoveling two and half feet of snow this weekend gave me all the exercise I needed). If you row flat out you can burn a lot of calories (1000 calories per hour) - the rowing machine is one of the main exercises used by Crossfit people (of which I am not one).

In addition simply eating less food can be huge. I recommend the free online book "Hackers Diet" (LINK) which I think is full of great practical advice. I realized after reading it that I was eating more food than I really wanted - and cut out a lot of mindless eating I was doing like nuts between meals and larger meal portions than I needed. I did NOT change the diet I was eating or cut out any food types - I just became more aware of what I was eating so I wouldn't eat on automatic pilot. The book also includes an exercise plan - worth a try if you don't have a health club or any equipment available (it's all stuff you can do in your home while listening to music).