I ordered my pump!

I ordered my Ping this morning… I’m a bit excited! I should get it on Monday and I have my appointment with my endo on tuesday to get it up and running! I ordered my first month’s supplies as well, the pump rep suggested I use the 9mm ones, is that pretty standard? I know I use 6mm needles in my pens is it the same? Also, any suggestions as to getting rid of my Lantus? I have 2 boxes of 5 pens that I won’t need anymore…


it is always good to keep a back up of lantas in case something happens and you need to revert back for a few days. You never know. i use the 9mm ones and they have worked the best for me. good luck

Congratulations! You’ll love your Ping - what color did you get? I’ve been Pinging since last month and I’m so happy I traded in my Cozmo. I LOVE the remote!

See if you can get some 6mm sets from somebody, too, just to try out. I find them most comfortable. Sometimes different length cannulas come in handy for different areas of the body, too. Such as, I wouldn’t think of using a 9mm on my thighs, but they’re ok for my tummy. You may want to try a few out. Odds are your supply company will send you a couple of sample sets for free if you ask.

Your doc may want you on all 9mm’s to start at first, but after a bit you can probably try a different length once you get things settled.Test frequently when changing cannula lengths of course.

Like Rachel said, keep some Lantus on hand for emergencies.

Congratulations! I’ve had my (green!) Ping since February and love it!

As far as your Lantus goes, I’d suggest keeping a least one box or a couple of pens. If something should happen to the pump or should you have a problem re-ordering supplies it is good to have a back up. :slight_smile: As for the ones you don’t want, maybe your endo would be able to help you out there - if they’re brand new they might be able to pass them out to people who can’t afford Lantus?


I also recommend keeping the Lantus (unless it expires soon). At least keep a couple vials. You can use it if you need to or want to go off the pump for a while.

You can give the extra vials to your endo or diabetes educator and ask them to give it to someone without insurance coverage.

I MUCH prefer the 6mm to the 9mm cannulas. They also started me on the 9mm and I had a lot of kinked cannulas if I put it in areas with less fat. But people vary on their preferences. I would ask for a sample of each infusion set that they carry so that you can try them out. I know some people prefer the inset 30. So it’s worth asking about ALL your options.

I was so naive when I started on the pump that I didn’t even know that there was more than one type of infusion set!

i might have to try the 6mm as well i tend to get bent cannula. maybe that is why. i just thought it was a bad spot but its happening more often.

Congratulations on getting the pump! I just kept the pens that I had just in case. Otherwise, I don’t think you can really give them to anybody because they are a prescription. Good luck with the pump start!

I’m not too up on the whole infusion set lingo, but I think that i might like the 6mm better simply for the fact that I don’t have alot of extra real estate on my stomach area… most of it is right around my belly button which isn’t an ideal spot for an infusion site. Oh and I got the pink one. Still not too sure if I should have ordered a color, thought about the black one simply for the fact that it’s a bit more professional in case it’s seen… but decided that i would order a black skin to help make it a bit more professional. I can’t wait! I’m hoping that it will help eliminate all the bruises I get from my shots.

Oh, one more thing… Any idea if you can put an infusion set through a tattoo? My best friend and i are going to get tattoos on our sides and I didn’t want to have an issue with being able to put an infusion set through it…

Thanks everyone!


I ordered my pump today… I am getting the Minimed 522 and I’ll get the 6mm infusion sets… I was considering hte Ping but I really like the CGM option on the Minimed so decided to get this pump…I am really excited to get on my pump… nothing is going right right now… my bloodsugars are crazy and college and shots just doesn’t work out for me :frowning:

How do you like it?

I have been on the MM 722 for 1 month and the only major problem was the 9mm too long, I am 5’7" and 160 lbs lean, and the 9mm tubes were bending when I rolled over at night. I guess it was hitting my stomach muscles and bending or irritating that area and no insulin absorbation. I was changing the infusion set every or every other day until I went to 6mm. Every thing is working great now, today I have had my set on for 3 days.

I also use the 6mm cannulas that go in 90 degrees.I started with the 45 degree angle ones and I couldn’t get the angle right.The cannula would skim over the skin.I use the Inset II’s,they already come with the tubing attached.My pump rep suggested putting the inset in the freezer for 10 minutes before insertion.The cannula won’t kink that way.The only time I have a problem with it is when it is in a blood vessel.I would keep a bottle of insulin for emergency highs.