9mm infusion set vs. 6mm infusion set/medtronic 522 pump

I have been on the 522 pump for approximately 7 mths. I like the pump but I have to be very dilligent in changing the infusion set, almost on a daily basis. If I dont do this my numbers will climb. I have the 9mm catheter (excuse my spelling). Medtronic reccomends using a 6mm cathether for all lean individuals, and a 9mm for everyone else. I dont think the 9mm size is cutting it for me. I put the infusion set in my back area, which is a very lean area, but i think it is getting clogged, hence having to change the infusion set after I day. Has anyone else experienced this. I like the pump but I never know if I am getting my insulin because of this. Would switching to a 6mm solve this problem. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Which insulin do you use? Apidra is supposedly causes less clogging compare to other insulins (Humalog or Novolog).

Is it getting kinked or clogged? Where are you putting the set? I thought the 6mm sets were for little kids

I started with the 9mm quicksets but found that the cannula would kink but not completely close the flow of insulin. Becuse of this I would get highs. I switched to the 6mm quicksets and ahve not had any issues. Give them a try.

I use the 6 mm quick-sets and the inserter tool. I ALWAYS change sets just before eating so I “quickly” pump a bolus thru the new set. I have never (3 years) had a problem with non-delivery. I DID have non-delivery issues when I changed the set without bolusing shortly thereafter.

By way of explanation, the 522 requires a non-delivery of 3 units before it alarms. So if your basal rate is low (mine averages 0.5 units per hour), it takes quite awhile for the pump to detect the non-delivery that may have been the result of a crimp or kink during set change.

Thank You all for your suggestions. Will have to give the 6mm sets a try and maybe try some sillouttes.

Are you having problems with your sites still? I am using the Mio advance and lately my sites have been in a blood vessel and I end up with highs after eating. I am thinking of trying the Silhouette infusionsets again. With those I can control how deep I want it to go.

6mm silhouettes are the way to go. The 9 get a small kink in the catheter cause they are so long. If you are active you can depend on it bending at least a little
The silhouette has a spring loader, but you might want to insert manually so you can get a steeper angle and also avoid veins because you can feel a vein right at the skin, if you pay attention you will notice we have more nerve endings above a vein.
I insert them almost parallel to my skin and I haven’t had one kink on me in years.