Infusion Set Cannula Lengths

I am currently using a Medtronic Paradigm 723 pump with the Quickset 32" 9mm infusion sets. I like the32" over the 23" because it provides a little more freedom of movement and allows me to place the sites on my thighs while allowing me enough length to keep the pump clipped into a t-shirt breast pocket during sleep.

Has anyone had any experience testing the 9mm cannula lengths against the 6mm? I was told that 9mm was preferable for all but the most lean body types. I am 6' and 220 lbs. I have a lot of muscle and wouldn't consider myself lean by any stretch. However, I seem to get a lot of infusion sites that bleed and/or bruise. I just removed one last night to do a change and when I pulled the cannula from the old set out, it was like releasing the bunghole on a wine cask -- blood just poured out of the site. I sometimes get bleeding on my thighs too.

I am wondering if the 9mm cannula is setting too deep into my body. Anyone have any thoughts or advice?

It never hurts to try the 6mm and see if you get different results.... You should call the 24 hour help line at Medtronic and ask for a sample of the 6mm sets. (Number on back of your pump). They may also be able to send out other samples too; they will be the best to trouble shoot with you to find the best set for your body.

I could feel the 9 mm sitting on my muscle so i switched out to the 6mm. Not so much bleeding, just very painful during insertion and anytime i touched the site. The 6 mm resolved those issues.

I would suggest trying a infusion set that goes in at an angle.