I-Port Injection Port

I came across this device yesterday called the i-Port Injection Port:


Was wondering if anyone out there has used this with their child or knows of anyone that has?

I am considering it for my 5 year old who was diagnosed in Jan. this year and is still honeymooning. It would be great to have to give only one needle every 72 hours. According to the site, this takes away the need to inject the needle to get the insulin, you just put the needle through the injection port and the insulin is delivered painlessly.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

mom to Katarina (8), Ana (5) DX’d 1/17/07, and Antonia (5)

There is a mom over at the Children With Diabetes forum who is trying it out for her daughter. She actually wore it herself for a while. Here’s a link to the thread: http://forums.childrenwithdiabetes.com/showthread.php?t=5490&highlight=insulin+port

I’ve worn it. It hurts a bit going in but the pain goes away after a few minutes. childrenwithdiabetes reccomend a numbing cream. The iport is kind of a neat idea. This takes the place of multiple injections of the fast acting insulin, but you’d still need to give a shot every day for the long acting. My friend’s son wears it - calls it “his bubble” (he’s in diapers, so she puts it under his diaper and he doesn’t mess with it!), but my daughter who is 4 1/2 is scared to try it because the needle that comes out to insert the cannula is pretty long. I tried to show her that only a tiny bit goes under your skin, but she’s still too chicken to try.

Is this like insufal (spelling?? sorry it’s been a while since we had it??) it’s a port you wear and it only takes your bolus shot you still have to do lantus we tryed it Shelby hated it!! but we are now pumping and she love the pump…! And we had issues with getting our insurance to cover it. I think it is a great idea though you could always try it :slight_smile: ~Korin~


It is slightly different from the device you mention, if I remember correctly. I believe that it is much easier to “install.” My daughter wore them for about a week and a half and it was definitely easier to give her injections. We used a numbing cream and the pain seemed to go away quickly. She is two and did not pay much attention to the “button” when her diaper was on, but as soon as she was undressed, she started freaking out about it. When we took the last one out, she asked that we not put in another and we haven’t.

I think that they are a great idea, if your child is comfortable with them.

Hope this helps.


In case you are using the I-Port, I just created an I-Port Users Group, to share insights about this option.