I-port Injection Port

Has anyone tried the I-ports?
I recently just received a six month supply from patton medical.
I really do like them.
But I can’t seem to get them to NOT bend when I apply one.

if anyone is interested here is their site http://www.i-port.com/

Interesting. It makes me cringe a little, and I’m a pump user!

reminds me of a pump, but then again i’ve never been on pump. tell me how it goes!

Hi ;

I dont recommend it .

If you inject several shots through this port ; Insulin will get less effective as the skin gets harder.
It is important to inject in different places …
The pump works differently ; as it is injecting several times very small dosis of insulin ; while through this port you are injecting larger amounts of insulin which will harden the skin / lipo

To me it looks like an infusion set for a pump without the hose attached to it. I think I would go the extra step an get a pump.

I tried them for 2 months and I had the same problem with kinked cannulas. I finally gave up on them and went back to injecting under my skin until I got my pump. You can’t mix more than one insulin at a time with the iport. I believe they told me at least an hour apart with different injections.

hello. i’ve heard about i-port adv, & i’ve some issues regarding it . 1/ Is that possible to use lantus & short or rapid insulin in the same septum or separating them by 60 mn ! 2/ the dead space 0.26 IU R we adding it at 1st time or every time we add insulin ? 3/ R we using 0.26 IU wiz 6 mm or 9 mm ?! 4/ the date written on plastic lid is it the exp or production ?! 5/ hw long is
the insertion needle ?

No, not true at all. It is no different than a pump infusion site.

Why do you think the quantities bolused with a pump are any different than injected?

As with a pump, as long as the site is changed every 2-3 days it should present no additional risks or problems them a pump infusion set.