I really like the arm for CGM use, but still have some questions

ok so because I was reading to NOT put it directing on the the tricep area I overshot it way too much and its actually a little too high up on my arm for me. Once we covered with optiflex (we did a big square with hole cut in middle for transmitter) the tape almost reached my armpit area. After 1.5 days of general arm use, a yoga class, and some strength training I can tell that I need to rethink where I am placing the cgm on my arm in the future.

First of all it's too far "back" and it kind of hits the back of the seat when I drive and is kind of in the way when I laying down on the floor or in bed etc, so I need to move the placement more towards the front of my arm in the future.

Secondly I have seen photos of people who are using the dexcom on their arm and some seem to be right on top of the tricep. So IS it OK if the cgm is placed there? is this just personal preference? I'm not a very big person so I only have so much surface area on my arm to be able to place this sucker! I want to make sure that where I am placing it isn't annoying or placed in such a way that tape gets loose due to range of motion movement(which is what is happening currently) but also gives me good accuracy.

So to pull this all together: I need to move my cgm down lower on my arm and more towards the side of it for it to be out of the way BUT that means it's closer to, or possibly on the tricep area. Is this going to mean I get less accuracy? Is this going to hurt my muscle tissue?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice!

Photo attached! [783-dexcomweek2.jpg|attachment](upload://vI5PRniiDHbcYgtWZFPIQadptK9.jpeg) (183 KB)

I looked at the photo to see if I can add any information that would be helpful since I also wear the transmitter on my arm. I never wear it as high as you have it which would be very uncomfortable for me. I am 5'6' and place the transmitter either on the bicep or more to the back of the upper arm since putting the transmitter directly on the muscle is sometimes slightly painful when initially inserted. bottom line, I simply would not place the transmitter where you have it located.

Thank you Lynn! I have absolutely no idea what I am doing :) This is only my 2nd week with my Dexcom and there is way too much confusing/contrasting info out there about CGM on the arms!

I am definitely going to go lower on the arm. I am hoping to get a few more days out of this sensor since it's only 3 days old but I don't know if I can last a week with this placement!

I have it on the back of my arm, but not as far back nor as high up as yours is placed. I try to be really careful exactly where I put it because I leave it in place until it dies or gets inaccurate - usually 3-4 weeks. Here are a couple of photos of mine. ![|634x434](upload://yFIk9nKoFITcH5nk4gy5ypFTLZV.jpeg)

This is VERY helpful, thank you Clare!!!

When I used my arms I was a bit lower. Had good numbers and could get 3-4 weeks on a sensor, but had to think about how I sleep ans like you where the arms go when I drive. I thended to get claped on the arm during social setings when people were unaware of it under my clothing. I also had problems with obne handed insertion and needing help to replace my opsite flexfix when it needed trimmed and replaced.

I have a new favorite spot now. I'm using the "girls". Since breast tissue is primarily fat it give good readings. I use the outside rim where it is still covered by my bra cup, sort of where my armpit is. Think of breast as a clock - nipple is the center - if you look at me when its on the right side its the big hand at 11 o clock, on the left its at 2 oclock. Its placed about 2-3 inchs away from the nipple - but that will depend on your size. I just set it so it stays under most of my bras.
I can do two handed insertion - can actually see and reach what I need to do. With it under the bra cup I do not get as much pealing either so its a lot more stable.
Im not aware it is there and since it is not a place for casual touch I do not get it knocked about.

Just a thought when You get ready to try more places.

I actually wear mine just about where you have yours, Asha, perhaps a bit more forward on the arm. I have the most padding there and it seems less likely I’ll hit muscle there. I find it doesn’t bother me when sleeping or working out. I do put some skin tac on top of the adhesive pad before placing the tegaderm/opsite down. That helps it stay put during exercise, etc. I hope you find a good spot!

I HAVE heard of other women using the "girls" before, but you give a nice mental picture of where is the best place to use. Parts of my breasts have blue veins on them, and I have to avoid that, but I think I'll try your suggestion, because the bra would help the sensor stay in place. THANKS!! :-)

I wear my pod on the "girls" it's comfortable and the bra helps support it and keep it in place. The only problem for me with putting dex there is I wear a sensor for 3-4 weeks and I'm afraid I would get really tired of having it there.

Mine two- the left has more noticeable veins. There is enough space to to do placement between them. You can try a dry placement to see where you want to have the insertion spot, if you lift the edge you can see it it will work. Use either visual landmarks or make a pen mark to use for reference and then peel the tape and go for it. You still pinch up the same way so you can control the placement and angle a bit.
I tend to use the narrow end pointing away from the nipple, for me seems not to collect moisture as much in the shower. I wear it for 3-4 weeks, never know it there.

Thanks, hobbit! I think I'll try my next one there! :-)

Asha, I don’t think that is a bad location. Mine might be a bit lower, but not much. My Dexcom sites do not do well when I sleep on them. So for the 2-1/2 weeks that my right arm site works, I do pump sites on my right hip, butt, etc. and sleep on my left side. Then switch pump and Dex to the left and sleep on the right. Fortunately I am a fairly ambidextrous sleeper. Every so often I use a front thigh site and I can sleep on either side. It is such a luxury and that is really pitiful:-)

Hope you’re finding some site solutions.

Being new and it sounds like you are thin like myself I could never use my my arm. Many mentioned some of problems, mine would rub my bone at at night sleeping. I use my stomach but may give the girls a try. Location is above the belt area and 2-3 inches from belly button. I also do not change for 3 weeks or more using extra skin tape.
Good luck

Thank you everyone for all the helpful input and suggestions!!!

I couldn’t remember where I had read of someone wearing their Omnipod on the “girls” and I just figured out it was you on this thread!
I’m a DD cup so I figure I have more than sufficient real estate to try this. Can you offer any suggestions on direction of pod, location tips, etc? Also, how is your absorption compared to say, your abdomen? (That’s my best absorbing site, with my upper arms being ‘OK’, and my upper thighs being a bit slow.)
Thanks for sharing whatever you can. ~SueSue

Hey Sue, I am a 34 B so you have more real estate than I do and I can say, without reservations it is by far my best absorbing, most comfortable, least noticeable, and favorite site by far. I wear them vertically on the sides with the canula up or down. Here is a photo of one placement with the Dexcom data. My endo could not find anything medically contraindicated with placing a pod on the girls so I have continued. It has been close to a month since I have used another location.

AWESOME Clare! Thanks so much for sharing! I’m due for a pod change tomorrow and I am definitely going to try it! ~Sue

Well, I said I'd try it there (on my upper breast, just next to my arm), and this morning I did. No problem with insertion, but haven't got a reading yet, because my receiver died, and I'm starting up a new one. But it's completely comfortable, and I'm thinking that my bra will help hold it down and that's a good thing. More news in a few! :-)

You're very welcome Sue, I'm due for a pod change right now and it's just going from the left back to the right. Good luck, let me know how it goes for you.

Well, I've had my Dex on my breast for a day, and it's doing FINE! I don't even feel it when I move, and it doesn't get in the way when I'm working at the kitchen counter (at my height, 5'3", the counter hits me right in the belly where I put my sets and sensors!), and accuracy-wise, it's fine. It kept on ticking while I was sleeping, too.

About real-estate: I don't think it matters what your cup size is, because I wouldn't use the part near the nipples. I have it where the equivalent would be midway up my arm (but I have old lady breasts -- might have to be higher for you younguns.) And I don't feel it at all for the yoga moves I'm able to do -- can't nearly do what Asha does, but still, I can wiggle all over the floor, and cross my arms and bring my elbows together with no problem.

So that's the report! :-)