Placing Dexcom G4 on my arm

Hi, I'd like to try my transmitter on my inner arm about 3" below the pit.
I think it should be in a vertical or across the arm position.
The outside of my arm seems like it would be easier to install but I fear it will be jarred or moved easier here than on the inside.
I also wonder if I'll get as good readings as I have on my abdomen.
Anybody have experience with my remark?

There isn’t much fat on the inside. I have good experience with my triceps area so facing back instead of to the outside. It usually stays out of the way.

I find that I get the best accuracy on my abdomen, but I've grown weary of placing it there. A close second is the back of my arm, and I've found the best location is reached by lifting my arm up like I'm scratching the back of my head and placing it on my arm as close to my armpit as possible. Once done, I forget it's even there.