I saved my old mans life last night because of my diabetes...Literally!

Talk about fate… Because of my sensitivity I woke up at around 2:00 Am just feeling a little low. I went downstairs to grab a couple of grapes and took two sleeping pills. As I was coming back upstairs my parents door was slightly opened and noticed my fathers legs on the floor. Apparently my mom was sleeping by herself in a spare room we have. I ran into let my mom know that Dad was on the floor. She started screaming. I tried to calm her down and figured it was probably a low sugar as he is also Insulin dependent and has trouble with lows especially at night. I tried to get him to respond and with no such luck I had to call 911. Normally we can get something out of him but he was out. When the paramedics arrived they checked his sugar and couldn’t even get a reading it was so low. After about 10 min he was starting to come out of it. Once they revived him they ran an EKG and suggested he go to the hostipal. At this point they want his cardio doctor to make sure everything is OK before they release him. He had a stent put in last year and has had two minor heart attacks over the last decade. Hopefully he won’t need any heart surgery but of course the sugars will always be a non ending nightmare. Had I not gotten up due to my unconfirmed low sugar my old man would probably died of a diabetic coma. Scary scary ■■■■ to say the least. If you can hear me Dr Zion lets get those human trials rolling!!!

Glad you were of help. Sometimes lows help others! GOOD FOR YOU!

Sounds like fate. Is he ok now?

I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason - glad that you were awake!

We just heard back from the hospital and apparently he has some additional blockage which likely didn’t have anything to do with the low BS episode. It looks like he’ll need another stent put in and hopefully it will go smooth like the one before. In the end with all his health issues being 70 I hate to say it but he’s probably on borrowed time. Ironically his mother is still alive in a nursing home at the age of 95 and is in better health then both me and him. Though his diabetes doesn’t really bother him that much he has trouble catching the lows especially at night and hopefully he’ll be around use Smart Insulin when it comes out. Never a dull moment thats for sure.

Gary, you can be very proud of what you did!! Take Care.

good on you, i find that being a light sleeper, (and i have many low’s overnight too) is a good thing.
Not good news about your dad though, wishing him all the best xo

I pray he will be better soon…Glad that you were around though!

Wow, crazy luck. Glad you were there and able to help. All the best to your dad. Godspeed on the recovery and the next stint.

You saved his life twice since the doctors found out about your dad needing another stent. What a good son!

With you on Dr. Zion!

Sorry you had to go through that.
You sound brave.
Good work.

I’m glad it turned out well. Good luck to your Dad with the second stent I have four of them myself.

It sounds like your unconfirmed low was a gift in this instance, Gary. I am glad that you woke up. I’m sure you are too. Way to go - and thanks for sharing your story! Denise

Well, we’ve had a few instances similar to this over the last two years although this was the first time we couldn’t get a response or even a movement out of him what so ever.I knew he was alive as his heart was beating strongly. Normally when he gets low he is coherent but doesn’t cooperate so we end up calling the paramedics. I spoke to him last night and those idiots at the hospital can’t get his sugars down. He’s been in the 350 to 400 range since admitted. I would be completely out of my mind at those levels. Me and him are completely different with the diabetes as he rarely is ever uncomfortable regardless of where is sugar is and I’m an emotional wreck from it. He also has blockage in his carotid arteries which they are suggesting he take care of. He’s known about it for nearly 15 years but was scared of the procedure. Hopefully it all turns out for the best for him but I can’t stop obsessing about the thought of Smart Insulin… I want my life back before its too late! Thanks for your prayers!

buy a hypokit. I have one but don’t really know why, since I live alone.