I'm thankful to be here today!

I’m thankful for Bryan! He saved me the other night when my blood was 25! I was in and out of it! He made me drink 2 glasses of milk and checked my blood every 15 to 20 minutes until I came up. The next day, He ordered me some Dexcom sensors because money was tight for me right now, paying off Hayley’s doctor bills, and I got them the next day! Now my Dexcom is working since I have sensors and checking my blood sugar every five minutes! It beeps at me too when I go low and high! I’m soooo happy that I have a Wonderful Man who loves me! :}:}:}:}

Wow! I thank god for my sensors everyday. My sugars go from 45 to 335 depending on my health. My sugars usually drop in the middle of the night or towards the end of the day. I know you are so glad for Bryan being there. Sounds like he is your angel!!!

He is my angel who loves me and said he can’t live without me! I’m like you about your blood sugars, it does depends on your health! I get sick very easy!

Unconditional love is what you two have! Wonderful.

Bryan’s a keeper! What a guy!