I saw a lot of interesting headlines today, so

Hospital Diabetes Care Standards Not Met By U.S. Academic Medical Centers - Study Finds Opportunity To Improve Hospital Glycemic Control Early Immune System Exposures Linked To Chronic Disease

Advance Toward First Saliva Test For Type 2 Diabetes

Walking Program May Be Suitable For Diabetics With Previous Foot Ulcers

Qnexa Treatment Results In Improved Glucose Control In Obese Non-Diabetic Subjects

Human Beta Cells Can Be Easily Induced To Replicate, According To Pitt Study In Diabetes

Athletes Not Spared From Health Risks Of Metabolic Syndrome

From the Oh great! file

FDA Approves New Guidelines To Allow Drugmakers To Share Unapproved Drug Uses With Physicians

and last, but certainly not least, from the This explains alot file

Tendency To Hallucinate And Coffee Consumption Link Found

I must have hallucinated my job.

Wow! Saliva tests to monitor blood sugar! I wonder what you have to do - an envelope-licking type of lick on to a strip? But more importantly, will it be cheaper then the current strips?