This was in the news today

That is great. Do you know anything more about the work?

Sounds hopeful Tyler. Thanks for posting.

No my mom found it online on our news and told me to read it
Maybe something will come of it I am not sure that I would do it anyway .I think diabetes is part of me now lol

Very cool and very interesting. Thanks for the link.

Exciting news. Let's hope it moves beyond mice soon.

Its gonna happen sooner or later as long as politics let it. Many companies are finding solutions to protecting transplanted islets/beta cells without the need for anti rejection drugs. I can't wait to Viacyte to start their first human trial as they are using stem cells. I think Sernova Corp just started their first in human study and LCT was just approved for phase 2 in a refined formulation with a much higher dosage. None of these treatments address the core of the problem but if they can temporarily get us off the bottle in a safe manor not trading one set of problems for another I want to be first in line. As an old fart now with being diabetic longer then most on this board and hating living with as much as I do I demand to have front row seats to the begining of the end.