New glucose testing and insulin dosing coming?

I met a longtime Type 1 diabetic today. He's been battling the disease from birth for a total of 55 years.
He was recently informed of a new oral system of checking glucose and administering insulin.
Checking sugar would employ licking a test strip and administering insulin would be similar using a similar oral device.
His Kaiser endocrinologist told him this at his last appt.
Were the 70's too good to this guy or has anyone else heard of this emerging technology?
If true,it would certainly revolutionize treatment.

I thought we would have our own tricorders by now, licking a test strip...I can see all kinds of flaws in that dream.

I haven't heard of this. Not sure I'd want to lick anything...

What would be really useful would be a device worn like a retainer that could automatically count all the carbs in the food you ate!

I haven't heard of the "licking" meter, but please join us this afternoon for a live event with the founders of a company working on non invasive blood glucose sensors

The docs have been telling me a "cure is 5 years away" since my diagnosis 33 years ago too. Story from that doc sounds similar!

The businessmen certainly start off thinking that oral or inhaled insulin will be the best thing ever, but so far the market is very very limited because to be honest, it's far more difficult than just taking a shot. The Exubera brand lost $3billion dollars for its maker in the previous decade; most of us aren't expecting any better for Afrezza. I'm sure there is a certain market segment that this may be the best solution but it's pretty small.