I Think I Need a 'Betes Buddy

I haven't logged on in quite a while. Truth be told, I'm a busy lady who's way too busy taking care of everyone and everything around me to take the time to focus on myself. I think that's a problem most people have, but diabetics need to be a little selfish sometimes. Being a nurturing person by nature, I let myself get lost in the shuffle and I need to stop.

I think the problem is that I need someone to help hold me accountable to myself, someone who understands the struggles I deal with in this illness. Frankly, the only person who can really understand what it's like to be a diabetic is another diabetic. I'd like to be part of a support group or something, but the only on I am aware of is a hospital run group for type 2s. I'm not sure if that would be right for me, as I am type 1. Maybe I should make my own support group?

I know the online community is basically a global support group, but I need something more in my face, I think. I need a person. Someone who can always tell me that it's okay to make me the most important person in my life and encourage me to do the things I'm supposed to do. It's stupid, but right now I just can't remember to take care of myself properly most of the time, so...yeah, I need someone to help me.

Hmmm, I'm not sure where to find one of those. You have to be *REALLY* sick before Medicare or insurance will cover a nurse to take care of you. Nobody can understand your specific struggles but you. There's quite a range of responses to diabetes on the "Forums" section and I think that's the best place to go for results if you can hang with it.

Another thing that helped me tremendously has been having hobbies. In college it was the non-ADA/ AMA approved hobby of being in wild rock bands and getting wasted at strobe light parties but now that I'm old and responsible, I've switched to exercise. I wish I'd done more exercising when I was younger and then I'd be in great shape. Any hobby will do.

I'm not sure how easy support groups are to come by. I went to one the summer after freshman year of college, one person talked about "passing out from a fuzzy navel" and I was like "are you serious, but didn't volunteer any of my antics to the group because I was a bit shy. I didn't go back though. I've only met a couple of T1 people since I was dx'ed in 1984. The online stuff is great!

Thank you for your comments and suggestions, though I think maybe you misunderstand what I am looking for, a little bit. I don't want a nurse to take care of me. It's like the concept of a gym buddy. I wish I could find another diabetic that has goals to improve their own health and we could help keep each other honest and on track, you know?