Your Diabetes Support Network

Diabetes is not a disease you can hardly live with on your own. So, who makes up your support network?

In my case, it’s my wife, Andreina, who happens to be the heart and soul of my support network. She’s the one who reminds me to get off my butt when I haven’t exercised enough and the one who helps me out when I am super-low and I can use an OJ to bring me back up (like it just happened -I had a 44, which I’d not seen in almost 5 years).

What about you? Who is there for you?

I have my husband who has been my knight in shining armor since we first started dating. Back when I was still using syringes and pens, he helped me with my shots (I loved taking them in the back of the arm and I just cant reach) When I am low, he moves like lightning to get me a can of Dr Pepper or a bottle of glucose tabs. He will be out of bed and in the kitchen grabbing a can of soda dring a 3 AM low before I can even get all the words out. He is my hero and he never plays diabetes police with me. He is just awesome and I dont know how people deal with this disease without that kind of support.
My mom is the only other diabetic i know. But she is a type 2 so as much as she understands, we arent the same and we dont have the same issues.

Isn’t that like the greatest feeling?

Tell your mom to join (if that’s OK with you, of course).

Let’s see. I’ve got Bob, who’s an amazing partner and has nursed me through lows and put up with my moody bloodsugar maddened self.

My parents have always been excellent - there when and how I need them.

Then I’ve got this bunch of internet weirdos who seem to understand what it’s like to live with this thing.

I have been married for 26 years and I have a great husband, but I truly don’t feel that if you are not a diabetic that you truly understand. My parents were a great support growing up, but not being in such tight control I somehow feel it was easier, even though I landed in the hospital alot from going into insulin shock as we did not have bgs meters 40 years ago.

I feel my greates support are people I have met over the internet over the past 5 years. I have been a member of Diabetes Living on MSN for many years.

Visit if you care to.

My husband is my support person! He went to all the education classes with me when I was first diagnosed and has been there for me all the way. He has searched the Internet for diabetic recipes for me, read everything he can find about the disease, and truly understands it. My kids, brothers, sisters, have no clue what I go through daily, so I am thankful for the understanding and help I get from my husband.

I don’t have any “real-life” friends with Type 1, and there don’t seem to be any Type 1 diabetes support groups in the area where I live. I’ve mostly met people online. A great source of support for me has been the Adults Type 1 message board on the ADA website. I’ve only had D for a year, but that board has provided me with far more education and useful tips than any endocrinologist or diabetes educator. I’ve also learned a lot from some of the books I’ve read (“Think Like a Pancreas” and “Using Insulin” are great) and from blogs such as Diabetes Mine. As far as emotional support goes, my husband is there for me and always willing to bring me a glass of juice or a handful of jelly beans when necessary. :wink:

There’s a newly created Group called: Type III that you may either want to join or invite your support network to join.

My husband Gabe tries to be as supportive as possible but sometimes falls short. It is hard to understand. But I have my blog where I can vent and here to come to and talk. I help start a support group in are area that has been going a year this month. I have good friends there. I just keep looking for more and more support and seem to be able to find it.

I have a very good friend and neighbor, whose young son was diagnosed about 9 months prior to my son’s diagnosis. Our family went through that time with them, and unbelievably, nine months later it happened to us. Since then, we have been able to support each other in many ways relating to diabetes – talking about being the main caretaker, worrying about our children, seeing our children find normality through knowing each other, and organizing a team for the JDRF Walk for a Cure each year, and being able to back each other up as babysitters for each other’s children. I’m so glad I have her.

My husband is my main support. He does his best and has read up on the disease, but it still seems that he doesn’t quite get the seriousness of it. I’m sure my Mum would support me as well, but she’s 100 miles away and I don’t really talk to her about it.

I’m not knocking online support, but having someone to talk with, face-to-face, who knows what we go through would be wonderful. The problem is that I don’t know anyone else with diabetes. And it just occurred to me that I could/should look for a local support group that has meetings. light bulb goes on!

I should also add that the Parents e-mail list generated from has been INVALUABLE to me. From all angles: support, clinical advice, techie stuff, bolus ideas…etc. I’m excited to see this site as a supplement to that.

I have a great, warm and wacky family who has been supportive of me in every way except my diabetes; that’s not anyone’s fault but mine! Diabetes has always seemed like my private albatross so I’ve always dealt (or not) with it on my own. Everyone respected the boundaries that I imposed. In the last 6 months as I began to consider pumping, I’ve been talking to my family and friends about my living with diabetes. They seem to appreciate that and are, in turn, starting to ask me things and be more involved. My beloved has been fabulous throughout this process. She, too, respected my boundaries. I find that opening up to her cuts my burden in half. She even came to pump training with me!

For me it’s 3 the main one is my husband who after 23 years of marrage and 2 daughters and 1 new granddaughter is still here for me and can tell if I’m low way before I can. Even after me argueing with him and really giving him a HARD time he’s still there. The next are my 2 girls Amber my oldert who has Type 1 too and a new daughter too boot and Brittany who still lives with me. I can call on any of the 3 and 1 will get to me and get me what I need! No telling how many times each of these 3 have given me a gulagon shot after I have fallen out and had a seazer (below 25 for me) and brought me back to life without them and 911 I may not be here now! And the kids learned when they were very young (2&3 ) how to dial 911 and tell them “my mom’s passed out and she has diabetes. How long will it take for you to get here and wake her up” Thank God for them!

My support is my wife of 7 years, Charity. She was with me through it all, from pre diagnosis to diagnosis to management. I really couldn’t do it without her.

My other support is online, such as this great place called TuDiabetes.