I think it's happening!

I just wanted to let everyone know that after three horrible weeks of highs, I think it’s FINALLY coming down! I went to my endo on friday, tweaked my basal- increasing it by 5 units, and voila! Everything’s good! I actually had my first low today! I got to 45 and just about cried! LOL It’s horrible when you get so excited to actually be low! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this trend keeps up, even though I’m sitting at 190 right now… ugh!

That’s great news! I imagine you’ve been pricking & testing like crazy. 190 is better than 290 or 250! I hope you are starting to feel better physically (I know highs wipe me OUT) and that this seems do-able now that there is light at the end of the tunnel of high horrors!

I’m glad the basal tweaking is working! I still have to adjust my basals here and there after years of pumping. Life just doesn’t seem to want to stay constant, so as “pro-active” as I try to be, there is a lot of “re-active” responses required of me to maintain some semblance of balance. I find that getting my basals to work for me makes everything else so much better (giving myself the right bolus amounts are definitely not my forte, although I do try).

I hope your numbers continue to be better than they were. I’m pulling for you - and so are a lot of others here.

Now, go smile at yourself in a mirror and give yourself a big hug. You’ve done well. :slight_smile:

Julie Ann

Always glad to here good news.