I think my wife has pre-diabetes

Wanted to search non-diabetic FBG and 2 hour post PP but could find a search function here. Anyway, 100 FBG (taken in the AM 12 hours after dinner and 130 2 hours after dinner w/o high glucose potato, bread rice, pasta, etc). Me, insulin using T2 on low carb 72 FBS (same dinner 12 hour before) and 131 same meal PP. What do you think?

It sounds like she could be. Has she had an a1c? I would do that and do as much testing as possible. She can buy her own meter at walmart and do some testing and a glucose tolerance test with 60g carbs.

Thank you for the replies. I edited my initial post and changed the FBG to 100 from 90, which I think makes your replies even more relevant. My wife is Chinese and eats a common Chinese diet of rice, noodles and potatoes. She is only about 5-7 pounds above ideal weight for her height. But, she drinks a lot of water and gets up several times a nite to use the toilet which made me concerned enough to test her with my meter. I was a little surprised at the results. Anyway, I don't think they normally do A1Cs at annual physicals in China, so I don't know where she is with this. Surprisingly, she is a doctor in China, a neurologist and has very little knowledge of normal values. I trust the knowledge on this site and thought I would ask. Based on the couple of responses so far, she is already convinced she is at least borderline and plans to drop her carb intake and exercise more. We will also test her FBG and PP for a while to monitor her more closely.

Check A1C. Was she nervous? Might also be adrenalin kicking in when you test her.

Asians are predisposed to type 2. I am Japanese and it runs in my family. My Endo also told me that Asians tend to get it despite relatively normal weights.