I think we all need to see this. not just those who looked at manny's post. we all deserve a pat on the back

Reply by Justin Fenech 1 hour ago
Dear All

I hope the beginning of the New Year has been great for you.

I just wanted to leave this note - since the research i am conducting is nearing an end. For those of you who might not know - I am the person in charge of researching tudiabetes on behalf of the nonprofit group Manny has referred to above. Our aim is to look at various online communities and see if learning happens - and if yes how, why etc

I have been observing the community for about 2 months now and i must say you really have something great here! I have seen many other online communities but i have never seen so much support and positive thinking - i think you are all doing a great job. I must also say that i have learned alot - for i knew nothing about diabetes before i joined. Through your contributions i can avoid many mistakes done by people who are unaware of REAL realities of diabetes and i can also keep these things in mind when it comes to my profession (which includes policy development in various areas of governance). So it has indeed been a great experience on all levels. So much so that i intend to keep visiting this lovely community to see how things are going on :slight_smile:

I truly hope you have a great anniversary and that your endeavors will keep on uniting people and generate more awareness on your cause.

On a different note - all that is left to be done, research wise, is for people to answer the survey linked above my Manny. We do need as much submissions as possible (and we still are at the low end) in order to have some qualitative data through which we can a) compare with other communities b) come up with some conclusions. It will only take 10-15 min max. So if you can spread the word it would be great!

Thanks and all the best!!


thanks, debb!

Well, I don’t know about y’all, but I am getting onto my duff (!) and doing the survey. That is, if I don’t somehow hit the wrong key and fry everything. Lois La Rose, Milwaukee. WI

Hey! Wait a minute. Where’s the link to the survey? See! I fried it even BEFORE I got to the site! I’m batting 1,000!!! Lois La Rose