I want my Lot 8s back!

Since I heard about the recall, sent them my unused quicksets, and received the first batch of the new ones it’s been nothing but trouble.

The first set went in fine but the adhesive refused to stick (I had to use the IV 300 tape to keep it in). After a few days it began to hurt but not bad enough to take it out early. By day 5 or 6 (I don’t really keep track, I just change it when I’m low on insulin) it was time to take it out. The cannula didn’t just leave a hole behind as usual, but had torn my skin vertically so that I had a gash connected to the hole. The cannula was also bent at a 45 degree angle.
Second set I put in hurt. There are some areas on my abdomen that hurt less than others (and some that don’t hurt at all) and I used an area that usually has very minimal pain, That time, however, the pain was not minimal. Besides the initial pain my numbers were also running about 40 points higher than they have been since I adjusted my ratios perfectly. I stuck with it though until today when my insulin was running low again. When I pulled out the cannula blood squirted out and then began pouring profusely. It took me 30 minutes to stop the bleeding and clean the area of blood, but that’s when the real freak out happened. I looked at the hole and it appeared “bad” (for lack of a better word, and I will spare you the graphic description). It could be a very severe bruise or, and I hope not, infected. The cannula was full of blood too (inside obviously).
Then it was time for the third set (inserted just a few hours ago). As I mentioned above, I have areas on my stomach that I can use for insertion with no pain whatsoever. I decided to use one of those areas but instead of what I expected I doubled over in pain and nearly ripped the whole thing out by the tubing. In fact, I didn’t only because my daughter was holding herself up by couch pillow next to me and I was afraid I’d accidentally get her with the violent swing of my arm. It’s too soon to know about BG levels or what the area will look like when it’s time to remove this one, but I am wondering what the hell is going on.
I never had anything like this happen with the Lot 8s which were supposed to be malfunctioning (a percentage of them anyway). The box they sent me is Lot 2, but I’m beginning to suspect that they replaced my properly working Lot 8s with malfunctioning Lot 2s.

I’d open a new box but they have neglected to send me the rest of the supplies they were supposed to have sent me by now (I’ll be calling them about that soon) so I only have this one box.

I’m so sorry. This sounds horrific! I hope you get replacements soon.

Does your doc or CDE have some samples around the office so you can try other brands? (I’ve only every used Accu-Check Tenders … me likey, but I think I’m well-padded enough that I rarely have trouble finding pokable real estate.)

I had no problem with the Lot 8 either but a child on another board ended up with DKA and hospitalized because of them.

I followed Medtronics letter and called them and returned my 3.5 unused boxes of Lot 8 and have not received more of the new ones that were suppose to come Jul 30, so now I am freaking out that I am going to run out.

I am having no problem with my new sets, but I do notice that the adhesive does not stay on as well either, it loosens around the edges and it does cause me some concern, where before it never budged.

I am sorry to hear you are having issues, I know the anxiety it causes, but thank you for the reminder that I need to call medtronic about more supplies, as I did what I was told to do. Do you use IVprep before insertion?

I am currently using the lot 2’s since after delivery the Silhouette’s were leaving me with lots of bruises. I haven’t had any problems, and I’m on my 2nd box of Lot 2’s. My problem is now with my quickserter that seems kind of “stuck”. I was told when I sent some back, that the first box was immediately the 2nd box and others would be sent between 3 - 6 weeks depending on the amount I advised them I had in my possession. Have you called the tech support yet?

*EDIT I have no problems with the adhesive, but I do use IV3000 or Tegaderm HP, then mastisol between the tegaderm.

I am a Sure-T user too …thanks Dave , once again :wink: …one of my pump buddies here in BC , Canada had the lot 8 and were replaced : NO problem , she said.

FWIW, 5 - 6 days between infusion set changes?

I haven’t had a problem with the new ones they are treating me better then the Lot 8’s. But MM was late with the second box and when they arrived today the box was all beat up. I am a little worried about the canulas in this batch. I will call MM tomorrow to let them know. Looks like UPS dropped a bunch of stuff on the box or something. Of course i am leaving for vacation Friday and only have enough of the first box for 6 more days. I hate being low on supplies!

FWIW? Sorry, my internet lingo isn’t up to date so I have no idea what that means.

When they prescribed the pump for me I was taking really large doses of insulin on MDI so they determined I should use the 300 unit reservoirs. So I got into the habit of changing sets only when I was running low on insulin, which takes a while now since I’m taking considerably less insulin. In fact I would keep them in even longer if I were eating a lower carb diet. I hate the idea of getting scar tissue and I figure there’s a higher chance of that if I change sets every 2-3 days rather than 5-6 (or more) days.

I ordered some IV preps from MM after reading that they were useful. I used 3 day shipping and it’s been almost two weeks now since I ordered and haven’t received anything. Combined with the replacement sets that are overdo I’m really wondering what’s going on with MM lately.

it is actually the opposite, you receive more scar tissue the longer you leave it in.

That’s an option I will look into only if this third set comes out “nasty.” So far my numbers have been good with it and my only problem was the pain at insertion.

The wound from the previous set turned out to be just a really bad bruise (it’s already looking better).

I’ve seen you mention them so often that you almost have me convinced. I’ll do some research on them.

That goes against logic (my logic anyway) but I’ll be sending my pump trainer an email to confirm. During my training she said that the only reason I should change every 2-3 days was to avoid infection. Then again she (and I) never mentioned anything about scar tissue.

Thanks for the heads up.

I don’t like long tubing anyway so that’s not a concern for me. Where do you suppose I could get the free samples from? My endo has become unreachable, so maybe my pump trainer?

yes, MM sends you samples if you’re interested in new infusion sets.

FWIW = For What’s It’s Worth

I’m walking evidence that Mommy and Dave are right.

For financial reasons, for my first 3 years of pumping, I left my infusion sets in for 5-8 days. I used my upper rear end and stomach during this time. Now, I have so much scar tissue that I cannot use my pump there. My endo used some fancy light (I have no idea what it was actually) and told me that insulin will not likely ever be absorbed in my upper rear end again. Bummer. (Pun intended.)

Since then, I started changing my infusion set every three days and I use the thighs and love handles and have no issue with scar tissue.

I must admit that I enjoyed only changing my infusion set once a week and I never had an infection. Ever. But it still wasn’t worth it.

More infusion sets are on the way today. I called and they said they were shipped 7/31, and I got notification from UPS that they are on the way. I use the big pump as well 300 units, because at one time I was using a lot of insulin while on antidepressants, Effexor. I have since lost 30 lbs, (but not happy) and my insulin usage is way down. I change my site about every 4 days, I think, I really don’t pay attention I just wait until low and change.

I was told the longer you leave a site in the more scar tissue it forms as the site moves around a bit the longer it is in. I try not to think about it as things still seem to be working okay, and I only use my abdomen (7 years), I am afraid to use other places.

I use the IV prep which makes my skin sticky and the site stays on very well. I don’t use any thing else.

Just an FYI Type 1 for almost 43 years, omg.

Hope things improve for you.

I am very upset with MM as well, but I am very attached to my life support.

Sometimes I think about going back on shots!!

I figure they’re doing the best they can, and just being upset with them, isn’t going to make it better :slight_smile: