I want to rant

Is it my turn yet. I wanna rant.

My BG is fine but I have had one of my worst days in ages. I don't want to test I don't want to do anything. This waiting on dialysis is crap. Every little stomach thing, every little breathing thing, every little every thing and I start to worry "is this it". "Do I need to be going to the hospital to get my first treatment. I think this BS is worse than the dialysis itself.

Go back to your normal day this rant is completed now.

Thank you for listening.


Sparky, you're entitled to a crappy day. I can't say I totally get it as I've never faced dialysis. When I was dx with breast cancer in '05, I have to say the waiting was the worst part. Waiting for dx after the biopsy, waiting for chemo, waiting for radiation, waiting, waiting. I was at my worst then. Once whatever was next actually started, for some reason I felt better - I finally knew what it was about. The waiting was worse than the treatment.

I still wonder about every new little thing. Is it a recurrance? Is it D related? Much less with time, but it's still there.

Sending you strength, healing energy and lots of hugs!

Do they give you strong medicine? Whenever I've injured myself, I always load up on painkillers and watch all 6 Star Wars movies, LOTR or something totally escapist. Lately I've been eyeing the Battlestar Galactica DVDs, it's not cheap but would occupy me for 6 months?

Hi, I haven't had any experience with dialysis, but due to your fine posting, I feel as if I have. Best of luck to you.

Sparky we all get those days. I have no experiance in the dylasis department but ur more than entitaled to have a day like that. Nothing I hate worse that the waiting on something medical. I make it much worse thinking about it than it winds up being. Please just know that ur not alone with a day like today. U've got all the arms of the Tu family wrapped around u!