iBG Star Meter (iPhone, iPod Touch)

Hi everyone.

I just picked up the newly released (here in the U.S.) iBG Star Meter that plugs into your iPhone or iPod Touch. Thought I would post some quick impressions. I will be using the meter with my iPhone 4s.

Box comes with :

-10 strips
-lancet device (won't use it as I use the Accu-Chek Fast Clix)
-control solution
-usb cable to charge the meter
-wall plug to charge if you don't have a USB port handy

Impressions - this thing is SMALL. It's by far the smallest meter I've ever seen or used. Keep in mind, the meter does not need to be plugged into an iPhone or iPod touch to be used. If you take a bunch of readings without it plugged in, the next time you plug in it automatically syncs your readings with the app on your iPhone. The strips that come with it don't need a ton of blood and the strips sucks the blood in like other strips on the market (I've been using my integrated FreeStyle Meter with my Omnipod PDM for a while now).

It's very cool to use your iPhone as a Blood Sugar "hub" of sorts. I think the App is pretty useful and will help me to look at trends etc.

So far so good.

Any questions - I'd be happy to answer.

how do you find the accuracy? I've only tried it once, but it read 17 (306) when my regular one (one touch mini) read 22 (396). The readings were shortly after eating and pre lunch number was a bit high to start, which accounts for the awful numbers. Maybe it needed to be recalibrated with controls?

I find it reads 20% more than my (old) freestyle lite meter, and I find it more trustworthy.
Did you measure from the same drop of blood ? Different fingers have differen BGs (sad but true)

yes it was from same drop. It wasn't my meter, so only tried that one time. Just curious to know what others found

Thanks for the information. I’m going to pick one up for my son as soon as I can find them.

How big would you estimate the carrying case is? His current meter is the One Touch mini - just curious how the IBGStar case would fit in his pants pockets versus his current case. The picture online looks like it’s square rather than rectangular?

I have the one touch mini. The iBG star is SIGNIFICANTLY smaller. The meter itself is smaller than my thumb. The case is square, and seemed like it was larger than it needed to be just to hold the strips, meter, and lancet. The two cases are similar in size, but the iBG star case is also thinner.


Good question. As noted by garidan, the iBG Star seems to run about 20% higher than my FreeStyle meter that is integrated with my Omnipod PDM.

concur with Jen on this. The meter is so small it's hard to believe until you see one.