ICA and IA-2 the same? Different tests for these?

I just took a full antibody test and I’m waiting for results. The description of the test included all the names (GAD, ICA, IAA, IA-2, ZnT8) so I felt confident this had them all. But after reading more on the page and looking at the “sample report”, I’m skeptical that it’s missing ICA though. The descriptions appear to combine ICA and IA-2 together. These aren’t the same, correct? Does this look like it tests for both?

Test description on Labcorp’s site:

Example of a sample report:

It is possible the sample report is outdated if you found on internet.

Did you get a C-peptide test? Because some type 1’s test negative on antibodies and stop making insulin and they don’t know why. A C-peptide test shows how much insulin you are making.

Low or low normal is a sign of type 1 as it shows the lower production of insulin. High or high normal is a sign of type 2 as type 2’s make extra insulin trying to compensate for not utilizing it right.

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You should also consider that if you have been tyo1 a long time, the antibodies might have diminished because there is no more islet cell irritant to consider threatening.
I was pos for gad. That was the only one I was tested for.