If I loose weight I can reverse Type 2 diabetes?

This is what my internest said to me today.

I’ve been overweight pretty much my whole life. I’m 35 now & about 60lbs overweight. I was pre-diabetic. Got pregnant & was put on insulin right away. COntroled beautifuly throughout my pregnancy. Had a healthy baby 7lbs when she was born. A year later my A1C went from 6 - 12. That was off insulin & on no meds or diet.

Doctor put me on metformin. Didn’t really help. Upped the dose. Still didn’t help enough. So I went to an endo. She put me on insulin and kept me on the metformin. Got my A1C down to 8 from 10 in 6 weeks.

I just saw my internest today & he says I shouldn’t be on the insulin yet. I should just lose the weight & I can reverse this all. I don’t completly agree. Even the diabetes educator I saw said that I should be on insulin because the meds wheren’t working.

What does everyone think? I know I need to loose weight. Thats a given. I’m down 10lbs from last year. I’ve got another 60 to go to be considered at my ideal weight. The thought of loosing it overwhelms me.

I think he’s an ignorant boob, and you should find a different internist. Diabetes doesn’t go away with weight loss… No one should be given those false hopes and dreams. Would it help with insulin resistance? Maybe. If you are sure you are truly a Type 2… Sometimes it helps, and sometimes it doesn’t. I tell you what helps the most, though… cutting back on your carbohydrate consumption, using your meter to learn how carbohydrates are affecting you, and EXERCISING. Building muscle mass. Gosh, what a boob. Sorry you had to go through his ignorance. Insulin is perfectly fine… There is NOTHING wrong with going on it early.

Those are my thoughts. I asked the diabetes educator “If I loose weight will I be rid of diabetes?” She said if I knew the answer to that I’d be a millionaire with the answer to the million dollar question. She said there is no gaurantee. She said will it help? Yes. Will it cure it? There is no sure answer to that. I think that at this point my resistance is pretty high. So I need something to help me more than just met & loosing. I’ll work towards weight loss & exercise more. I know thats important for my health diabetes or not.

Thank you for your feedback. Much appreciated.

You will ‘reverse’ the ‘BAD’ health effects of diabetes.
That’s what they mean.

No I’m pretty sure he said I will reverse my diabetes & not have to be on medicine. That with weight loss & exercise I can make it go away.

Sometimes, cutting back on carbohydrates can seriously reduce glucose issues enough so that a person doesn’t have to be on meds… But NOT just weight loss alone, though. I don’t take any meds myself, but I have to eat less than 100 grams of carb a day… I average about 85 a day, total. Not quite Atkins or Bernstein, but it works for me. (This does NOT mean Diabetes has gone away. It NEVER goes away. It has no cure.)

What he said is what all the books you can buy say :
“reverse diabetes & not have to be on medicines”

Your doc probably read one of these books!
But as I said, the fact is …you will ‘reverse’ the ‘BAD’ health effects of diabetes.

This is because you have damaged your pancreas, have insulin resistance etc…
You reduce your 'insulin resistance, but you cant fix the damaged pancreas.

If you live a healthy life, you CAN get on top of things!

Right Queen. It can be controlled w/out meds but loosing weight won’t cure it. Won’t make it just go away. I will always need to watch it & monitor it. Monitor what I eat & how that food reacts to my body.

I’ll always have it. Loosing weight will just help keep it in better control w/ possibly less medication.

Hi Meg,

First off, congrats on having a healthy baby and recognizing that you are needing to take better care of your heath. You’re way ahead of some just by being aware. :slight_smile:

Your internest isn’t correct when he says that losing weight will “cure” diabetes. There is no known cure for diabetes. What he was probably referring to (even though he worded it poorly) is being able to more effectively treat your diabetes by losing some weight, exercising, and controlling your carbs. This won’t fix the diabetes, but it will probably help with your BG control, and might even allow you to go off of insulin and only stay on the metformin. There is nothing wrong with insulin at all, it’s just a hassle to have to take it on a regular basis, so if you can effectively control your BG’s without it, all the better.

Remember, despite all of the bashing you will hear from people outside of (and tragically within as well) the medical community, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking insulin. Every single person in the entire world is currently on an insulin regiment, it’s just that some of us have to take it manually through an injection.

I’m so glad I posted this & have you all to hear from. He made me feel like such a failure as a person. Like if I wasn’t overweight none of this would of happened. That if I could have controlled my weight gain I would never have gotten diabetes. For someone who has struggled with her weight all her life it was a huge dig to me. It just drove home all the insecurities I’ve ever had about being overweight.

I realize that being overweight didn’t help the situation. I’m not ignorant or in denial. I just know that that isn’t the only factor.

He was just so smug about how he didn’t want to get T2. Even though he has a history of it in his family he didn’t want to get it. Than sat there with this smug smile on his face. Right Doc. Because I really wanted this.

Thank you all for your feedback. It’s reassuring I have support to keep me focused.

ps i accidentally deleted my post about ‘not necessarily’ your fault about damage to your pancreas.
but you get the gist now, and alot is now up to you for a healthy life in the years to come.
my mother has been playing this Type 2 Diabetes game for 25 years now (she is 75), and is now doing ok thankyou very much

Geeze what a jerk! Dump him like somebody said and keep the insulin. I wish I had got put on insulin a lot sooner. I think you are doing a bang up job with the healthy pregnancy.

It makes me crazy when I hear about curing and reversing Type 2. There are so many books that claim this. Weight loss does often help the bg management. And it is possible to have such control over your diet that meds are not needed. But once a diabetic, always a diabetic. What they claim is “reversing” the disease is actually having tight control over the disease.

Congratulations on your beautiful daughter!

Not that you need another vote, but I agree that your internist needs some serious education about T2s & I’d look for another. Good for you for going to endo!

Losing weight helps with insulin resistance & also with taking lower insulin doses. Cutting carbs will greatly help with weight loss & with controlling BG. Please check out www.bloodsugar101.com.

Great work lowering your A1c.

OH I wish!!! LOL Id be the first one jumping for joy…But, sadly loosing weight does not cure nor reverse type 2 diabetes. Weight lost and weight management can definitely help type 2 diabetes management though…like better blood sugar control, helps with cholesterol and blood pressure and helps prevent or delay complications.

Lovely daughter you have!

Yes, no such thing as getting “rid” of it unfortunately. Once you are there, there is no going back. Sorry, that is crushing news.

All you can do is have good control to keep your numbers good.

Donna’s post is excellently put. When they say reversing or curing - it is really just another method of tight control and usually the diet is very strict. Not everyone will be happy on a diet like that - it can be difficult. If you go off the tight control, you will be back right back where you started. Sucky news I know but I that is our reality.

Even though I have always been a proponent of a very healthy diet when your genes take over - there isn’t anything you can do to go back and I wish that certain doctors and other people wanting to get their nose into this disease would do their research first. I swear, we all on here know more than they do!

Oh, and if you don’t believe that losing weight doesn’t cure diabetes - take a look at our Thin T2 group on here - we are all toothpicks and have lose a bunch of weight and we were all thin too start - and we still got it. If that isn’t proof enough, I don’t know what is - I wish the medical community would acknowledge this more.

Not crushing at all. I knew that it wouldn’t cure it. I am just disgusted with my doctor for saying it & making me feel like sh!t for getting diabetes.

I didn’t have my hopes up at all.

some questions here. Excessive weight causes insulin resistance, less insulin stores in the liver, and the pancreas to produce insulin constantly to correct fasting BGs, right? So, less weight would typically mean less resistance and ergo less damaged beta cells (beta cell burnout). thus less insulin resistance and less need for supplementation of insulin, right? Unless of course (and YDMV) a lot of beta cell burn out has occurred and medication is needed.

So as much as we hate that the internist said “reverse this all” which is just stupid, he very well might have meant that Megz can avoid future high BGs by reducing her weight. Granted this is provided that she doesnt have resistance for some cause other than excessive weight or that she hasnt burned too many beta cells, right? Also, I think insulin is a good thing for less beta cell burnout, but I also know there is some caveat in more insulin adding more weight (please correct me here if Im wrong).

In the case of thin T2s, what are the factors that cause the diabetes? Is it lack of beta cells (or too many burnt out)? Low insulin production? Insulin resistance causes? Are there other factors for T2 diabetes?

Please note Im not asking rhetorically, Im actually trying to verify if what I understand is correct.

Megzway, congrats on your adorable daughter! Also the best thing you could have done was stopped by TuD. Its helped to get my D under control and changed my life. Hopefully it will for you as well. Try not to get too overwhelmed with the weight loss. Do you have any thoughts on how your going to approach it?


I just put up a thread on an article that talks about this.


On the second page, it discusses Thin type 2 and what is believed right now is basically that we store any fat we have in the wrong places meaning near the organs.

The article also addresses the other ‘factors’ (non-blame ones) that might have a role. I though it was a good read. Basically, Type 2 is a genetic disorder - what triggers it off in the body - well, that is varied and it not just being overweight. Age, environment, virus - it is all under scrunity. The article goes over some of these things. For my skinny self, I believe it was a combo of age related genetics and a short period of sedentary-ness. There could be other combos involved too that could have played a role. But it nice for someone like to me to get other answer besides the fat and weight thing.

T-2s are both insulin resistant and insulin deficient. Even with huge weight loss you would still be IGT if you took the test and drank the sugary syrupy stuff.

Whats puzzling about T-2 is that since there is not an auto immune attack like a T-1 why wouldn’t a T-2 eventually grow beta cells since the body is constantly regenerating cells to begin with?

Thats where the genetic part comes in and possibly a autoimmune issue as well both for overweight and thin T-2’s. I agree with KimKat on her post.

The other thing that is missed with T-2 is that it is progressive. 40% of T-2s are on insulin after 5-10 years of diagnosis.