If my need for insulin increases could i still be pregnant?

Hi guys, i have searched the whole of the net (or so it feels ;)) looking for this answer but I cant find it. I have stumbled accross this wonderful site and immediately joined.

My question is, my blood sugars always rise as my period approaches and i give myself an increased temporary basal of 150% to cover this and it usually works. If I get this rise can i still be pregnant or does it definately mean that I will get my period? :(

I wasnt on the pump when I got pregnant with my daughter who will be a year old next sunday :D but I remember I couldnt control my sugars which is why they made me go back on it straight away. I dont remember getting the early lows that I have read so much about.

Has anyone experienced this rise and found out they are pregnant

I am sure it will be a Your Diabetes May Vary type of thing. Not every person is a textbook example of how blood sugars behave. If you think you may be pregnant, take a pee test (one with an early predictor - although not 100% accurate in the early stages).

Thanks Jennifer, I am DPO9 today and have been feeling different since ovulation, I guess I am just looking for signs or to not get my hopes up. I may test tomorrow as I dont think I can hold out another 4 days lol

well in answer to my question, and to help others searching, YES you can. I am now 14 DPO and have had 3 BPTs over the past three days. Very early days but I have already had to increase my insulin to carbohydrate ratio by 50% and increase my basal rate through. I have everything crossed that it sticks :slight_smile:

Insulin needs can increase or decrease in early pregnancy. Hormones can do almost anything!


I was told that I couldn’t be pregnant because my blood sugars were high (as they are pre-menstrually). I was told I was just late but i was pregnant. I seemed to do the opposite to what the books all said…