Elevated blood sugars (conception like) followed by period

Hi all,

I had a question about chemical pregnancies, or even just other people’s experiences with this.

We’ve been trying to get pregnant again following a recent miscarriage, and this last cycle right around anticipated conception time, my insulin requirements increased dramatically (waaay more than during PMS) and kept increasing throughout the next week and a half. This was also coupled with mild morning sickness and fatigue. This started about 2 weeks ago. Today, I had cramping and have started bleeding, most likely my period. The fatigue and morning sickness went away a couple of days ago. Has anyone else had this happen? Where they had the symptoms of pregnancy, for me the clearest being the insulin needs dramatically increasing, but then got their period? I never got a positive pregnancy test, but the blood sugar changes and insulin needs were so strong.

Yep, mostly likely you conceived, but the fertilized egg was not able to implant properly, thus you still got your period.

Apparently this is a very common occurrence, and most people this happens to would never know it was more than a slightly awry period / worse than usual PMS. We, because of our blood sugars, do know that something is off early.

Best wishes for your TTC.

Thanks, this seems to be what happened, my period seems much heavier than normal. From what I have been reading it seems to be what you described.

Hi Ginny,

Wishing you better luck next cycle.

Best wishes

I believe this is happening to me. I woukd suggest taking your temp every morning to know… How is it going and what has happened since? And what have you concluded?

I wasn’t pregnant, my doctor said most likely it didn’t implant fully, like JustLookin said.

We are still trying since the miscarriage, I just ovulated so now in the waiting period. I’m having trouble not evaluating every little thing now trying to figure out if I am pregnant before being able to test. I have a cold right now too so I’m not sure if I would be able to pick up on anything.

I need to start taking my temps everyday, but I’ll have to wait for next cycle.

I am curious for people that have had a conception spike in blood sugars, how much of a spike? And was it only in the morning?