Blood Sugars Going Crazy

Hi. I’ll start by saying I do not know if I am pregnant yet.

However, I have been trying and was supposed to do trigger shot last Saturday (which was then cancelled) because upon ultrasound it was seen I was already ovulating. Today is Day Post Ovulation No. 6. Too early to test.

Normally my blood sugars do go higher in the second half of my cycle. But the current situation is a bit ridiculous.

Expecting my BS to go higher at this time of the month, I have usually increase my insulin dose about 25%.
However, I have already more than doubled my typical insulin dosage and I am still having unusual highs and very sluggish response to adjustments.

Either all my insulin has suddenly gone bad (for no reason), or possibly there is something else going on. Suspecting something else going on. I have been doing heaps of ‘corrections’ with larger than usual insulin doses. I got 3 readings in the 150s that took a good while to go down and I barely ate (and it was low carb). I am totally going to have to revise my approach to insulin if this is indeed what I am suspecting.

This happened with my second pregnancy that survived… but not to this extent… My blood sugars did go up within 48 hours of the IUI that stuck.

I know I was trying to get pregnant (and honestly not expecting it to happen given my age - 44 and the fact that I am diabetic). I was trying - for my partner’s sake. For me I didn’t really care if it did or didn’t happen. But it is really scary that it is staring me in the face now (potentially). And if this is what my blood sugars are going to do, then I am in for a really tough ride. It is also really scary because I have had so many miscarriages in the past (though I do have my two wonderful girls to show for it).

Did you get pregnant? did your sugars get better?

Hi Stephanie,

I think I conceived, but it did not stick. After 2 weeks of absolutely crazy sugars with no other explanation, sugars/ insulin requirement started dropping and then I got my period 3 weeks late. I got 2 very faint positives for the HPTs and after that all negatives.

Am trying again this cycle. I guess last cycle was a bit of a rude reminder what I will be in for if I do indeed succeed in getting pregnant. I don’t know if I want this or not. But my partner totally wants another child and so I promised him I would give it my very best shot for the next few months and after that if not successful we will stop ‘trying’ and just see what happens.

Oh JustLookin, Sorry to hear - it certainly sounds like it worked but was not meant to be this time round.
I’m kind of in the same boat - we haven’t managed to get one to stick yet after 3 years of trying. If it works, this will be my first child and I am 41. I have had three miscarriages so far, one at 12 weeks, one at 7 and one at 8 weeks.
My partner is totally keen on having a baby, he is 6 years younger than me, and i really don’t want to let him down, but i am so scared - of whether i can get and stay pregnant, how on earth i am going to manage my sugars through a pregnancy if my numbers already go so nuts at the start, and then whether or not I’m going to have the energy to be a good mum… Now at 9.5 weeks and trying to stay positive.
Anyhow, we can only keep trying. One thing to remember/ think about is that progesterone causes insulin insensitivity, so for me, i had the initial surge after conception, and then I had to take additional progesterone which sent everything through the roof again - if your progesterone levels are strong, that might explain your numbers?
Also - did they give you drugs/ injections for your IUI? For me, they also caused the numbers to go crazy… might be worth looking to see what you’re taking. I find it shocking that neither my ob-gyn nor my endo could tell me what to expect bg-wise…

Hi kiko.
My first at 37 born at 38 all natural. My second after at least 3 miscarriages was burn when I was 42. At 45 now am pushing the barrier. Yes did femara for iui and trigger. Much more ir in 2nd half of cycle in progesterone. Missed my last cycle. Had dengue fever. Try injectable cycle starting in the next week or so when my period finally arrives.

Keep it up! I think have got to keep hoping.

Oh my goodness- dengue fever is quite a serious thing- what part of the world are you in to get that?
I also miss cycles after a round of hormone treatments- it’s like I get my period, then it all stops for a couple of months. In fact, we conceived naturally but didn’t know because I thought it wasn’t possible - we were not sure how far gone we were before we went for the last ultra sound because of it.
I wish you a quick recovery from your fever and some lovely time with your girls and partner, and success in whatever you choose to do in the future.

Thank you kilos.
I live in Philippines. Dengue is quite endemic here. Though it is my first time in nearly 20 years. Very serious. Already Nearly 3 weeks since I hit sick and still not back to normal. Today is day 28 (I think I’m due in the next week). Then we try again. We have given ourselves til the end of the year. After that. Well still ‘try’ but no more fertility Treatment.

Wow. Your illness sounds terrible - i have heard it can last for a long time.
Regarding family plans, I have also set a deadline at the end of the year - i’m sick of not doing things - like booking holidays or starting a new job ‘just in case’… I need to live too!
Wishing you a speedy recovery!

I did recover. Took about 6 weeks and I’ve been exercising and eating healthy.

Finally did get to start my next cycle on 1st October. Used femara day 2 - 6, then first injection of follistim on D7 in the evening, then did u/s on D8 and there was 1 nice round follicle at 18.5 x 20 mm. Didn’t take the second injection of follistim as had been planned, instead did trigger shot at about 4 pm, and then IUI on D9 at about 6 pm. Doc said everything looked very good (as far as one can tell just by looking).

Currently DPO5 and my blood sugars are going crazy again.
DPO1 didn’t really notice anything but had a big function that night so ate a lot (very low carb).
DPO2; fasting BS was a lot higher than usual. Blamed the dinner the night before and did corrections. Slightly higher BS and more corrections than usual during the day - or maybe I was imagining it.
DPO3, Yes, blood sugars are going up. Fasting was high again, with no reason. BS went much higher than usual in response to exercise.
DPO4, Increased basal insulin by 28% - from 35 units total/day to 45 units total / day. Used about 20 units of bolus for corrections. Never got below 91 the whole day.
DPO5, Increased basal again - up to 55 units total. Bolus less today, but already at 11 units today and it’s only 4:30. Still can’t get below 90!

I am taking progesterone. But aside from the cycle before Dengue when I think I conceived and then it didn’t progress, I have never had this crazy blood sugar effect from Progesterone. So I think I conceived. But here’s to wait and see if this one can actually make it - to be honest at my age, a successful pregnancy will be a miracle and will be hard worked for. Another week before I can test and have any indication 1 way or another.

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Oh lady - i cross my fingers, toes and whatever else for you!
I hear you on the age thing - i just got back from my doctor who told me that it was a chromosome defect in the fetus.
In some ways that is a relief. The poor thing would never have made it - we did everything right (except wait until i was 41 to start trying to have a baby - but i blame my husband for that, he just didn’t come along soon enough).
So i just relieves some of the guilt i felt.
I don’t think i have ever wished anyone a bg that keeps going up - but i just realised, by wishing you luck with pregnancy that seems to be exactly what I’m doing. :smile:

Thank you kokos. Don’t give up trying. The good v thing is you can get pregnant. You just need to catch that good egg. That was my attitude. I had 3 miscarriages between my first at 38 and my second at 42. Even now at 45 I think it is a matter of catching that good egg that I believe is in there. Be aggressive with getting pregnant again.