If only I had a dollar for every cause of Diabetes

I’ve heard of a lot of causes for Type I Diabetes but this one was new to me (see below). What ones have you read about…

Possible Cause # 1
“Milk is responsible for allergies, colic, colitis, earaches, colds and congestion in young children. Research indicates that one bovine protein in milk destroys the insulin ­producing beta cells of the pancreas, causing diabetes.”

You know what? I was told that a few years back and I really have a hard time beliving it. Yes now after having had it for 34 years I have finally seen that milk can raise your bg. That took time too. like you if I had even a penny for everything that causes it I think I’d be rich. HA! You know it seems like everything we eat, drink, or do causes something!

I’ve heard that too, although I know of a mother who hasn’t exposed her child to cows milk (extended breastfeeding) and he developed diabetes at the same age as my son :wink:
I’ve also heard about vaccines, although we’ve blown that theory out of the water since we weren’t doing that (yep we’re hippies)
Classen began collecting information from international diabetes registries and studying the effects of vaccines on insulin-dependent diabetes over nine years ago. These data revealed a pattern of increased cases of insulin-dependent diabetes in children, correlating with increases in the use of certain vaccines, such as Hemophilus influenza and hepatitis B. In animal model studies, Classen was able to mimic the data from the diabetes registries by inducing diabetes in mice. His studies have predicted rises and falls in the cases of diabetes in many countries according to changes in their vaccination schedules.

Classen cited a large clinical trial of the new Hemophilus influenza vaccine on 114,000 children in Finland. The vaccine was aimed to prevent seven deaths and seven to 26 cases of brain damage per 100,000 children vaccinated. After the first round of vaccinations, Finland saw an extra 58 cases of diabetes per 100,000 children. When a stronger version of the vaccine was administered, an extra 75 cases of diabetes per 100,000 children vaccinated developed. Each time, the increases occurred in statistically significant clusters three to four years after the vaccine was administered.

and also adding cereal too little or too late can cause it (we tried it at 6 months with my son) but this study found no link with cows milk-gotta love how studies always contradict each other
Researchers conducting the study found that children at risk for type 1 diabetes who were exposed to cereals before the age of 3 months were at increased risk for developing the antibodies that lead to the development of type 1 diabetes, as were children introduced to cereals after the age of 7 months. The risk was roughly four times higher in high-risk infants fed cereal early and five times higher in the infants fed late. The study found no association between type 1 diabetes and cow’s milk.

Yeah, my family too! My dad grew up on a dairy farm in Ireland and I have 41 first cousins. I was over there on a trip recently and everyone was very surprised that I had diabetes because there is no one else in the entire extended family who has it.

I found this interesting because my Father and my Grandfather were both Milkmen (in Ireland) so we grew up on the stuff and my brother also has Type 1 Diabetes but I was convinced by this piece of information…

Not MY OWN case, but my father-in-law and many of his brothers and sisters have milk farms and have obviously raised their families on milk and its derivatives and so far none of them have developed diabetes.

oops I should have said NOT convinced by this piece of information :slight_smile:

So 0.058% of 100,000 children who were given vaccines developed diabetes. How is that statistically significant enough to make a claim regarding the effects of vaccines?

The milk hypothesis is actually not flaky. It’s discussed in the Type 1 book by Ragnar Hanas. I also saw it written up in a Smithsonian Magazine article I read in some doctor’s office waiting room. (I think it was Smithsonian, if not it was another of those glossy Dumbed Down for the Proles mags.)

I have read several books that suggest that the rising incidence of all allergic/autoimmune disorders are the result of not exposing our children to enough dirt when young, and hence not giving their immune systems invaders to recognize and form antibodies towards. Without invaders to play with the autoimmune system ends up attacking food molecules and body parts.

But I spent my childhood outside, climbing trees, digging holes, playing in the river. I was a real tomboy and my mother was very relaxed about it, we only took baths about once a week, whether we needed them or not. :slight_smile: Growing up in England in the 50s I had every conceivable childhood illness, including whooping cough so my antibodies got quite a workout.

that’s why I said we’ve proven this theory wrong since my son got diabetes anyways despite delaying vaccines-we weren’t doing that to prevent diabetes, just our personal beliefs.

Actually, this conclusion resulted primarily from a study conducted in Finland (which is the country with the highest incidence of type 1 diabetes in the world). However, the scientific evidence is conflicting on this, meaning while some studies seem to suggest that cow’s milk (note that it does not apply to soy or goat’s milk) may contribute to the autoimmune attack on the Islets of Langerhans, several other studies have refuted that conclusion. Nevertheless, this has not stopped many people from perpetuating this as fact, when in fact, the data is far from conclusive.

I actually heard that one before! (just kidding)

for me, my hippy parents never imunized me until i had scarlet fever and was placed in the hospital. it was then that i got my shots because i needed them to enter kindergarden…but the damage was already done, i lost most of my hearing and part of my speech and my immune system was never the same, and BAM! im a diabetic by age 11

I’m on of those hippy parents lol, there’s no vaccine for scarlet fever-just antibiotics :wink: Tony had strep throat which is similar to scarlet fever, which triggered diabetes.

Ha! I breastfed my son til he was 11 months and weaned him right to cows milk. Perhaps I should have waited a month more. His daddy also has type one and grew up on a dairy farm drinking unprocessed cows milk. However he didn’t get diabetes until he was 14. My son is three. I think you either have it or don’t and then something triggers it. Maybe the milk is a trigger, but I am not going to feel guilty for the rest of my life!

Possible Cause # 2
Maybe this should be called a Contributing Factor to the triggering of Diabetes.

“Infections in the mouth like serious tooth decay can weaken the immune system and if the decay continues it can lead to a higher chance of developing Diabetes.”

  • I’m paraphrasing my dentist

another one, but rather vague http://www.environmentcalifornia.org/reports/environmental-health/environmental-health-reports/toxic-baby-bottles#LbBM-jO8vN4knBwWoS8zww

Bisphenol A is a Developmental, Neural, and Reproductive Toxicant

Scientists have linked very low doses of bisphenol A exposure to cancers, impaired immune function, early onset of puberty, obesity, diabetes, and hyperactivity, among other problems.
For example, in one recent study, a single, low dose of bisphenol A administered to a newborn rat resulted in hyperactive behavior.
Exposure to Bisphenol A is Widespread

Bisphenol A is most commonly used to make clear polycarbonate plastic for consumer products, such as baby bottles. Through use, this plastic breaks down and leaches bisphenol A into liquids and food to which it comes into contact.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found bisphenol A in the urine of over 95% of people they tested.
Alarmingly, the median level of bisphenol A in humans is higher than the level that causes adverse effects in animal studies.

Popular Baby Bottles Sold in California Leach Bisphenol A at Harmful Levels

Based on a consumer survey of the most popular baby bottle brands on the market, we selected five bottle types to determine the amount of leaching from each bottle. We found that the bottles tested from all five brands leached bisphenol A at levels found to cause harm in numerous laboratory studies, including:
• Avent

• Dr. Brown’s

• Evenflo

• Gerber

• Playtex

And are there any other choices in bottles…

I agree with you 100% on your answer about Flying monkeys! I really get tired of ppl trying to find out what causes it I want to know the cure for it! Like you posted on your other answer I was told that eating too much caused me to have it oh yeah and eating a lot ofsugar products caused me to have Type 1 by a Dr back in the 70’s. I think this man lost his mind! I mean since my older cousion had it too and she never got anything sweet b/c her parents couldn’t afford to buy sugar way back when! Inhearty plays a BIG part in it! Sorry!

If dental infections weaken the immune system, wouldn’t that be good for the beta cells being attacked? Or is it that the infection itself causes need for more insulin and pushes the beta cells “over the edge”?