If you could choose just one

If you could choose just one "handy dandy" diabetic supply that has made your life significantly "easier"; what would it be?

So for instance, I would choose my insulin pump. In this fake scenario, everything else I use would now be as basic as possible. No fancy meter with bolus advice, no CGM, no insulin pens. Everything else, besides my insulin pump, would be as basic as can be.

So what would you choose?

Just a fun topic to appreciate the advancements in technology and quality of life :)

My meter doesn't suggest bolus- I didn't know they did that? I just wish there was a cgm and a pump I could use, like one that doesn't need a line inside your body, but I know that will never happen most likely. I want insulin that goes in by a patch or pill which doesn't need to kept at a certain temp too, lol.

CGM, CGM, CGM! I love my Dexcom.


Meee, do you have an adverse reaction to the cannula / sensor, or is more of an "ick" factor for you?

Definitely the Dexcom G4. With hypounawareness it makes life a lot easier. Mind you I kind of wish the Insulet/Dexcom collaboration led to a pump/cgm combo, that would be my ultimate D tool. I can dream.

Wow! CGM seems to be a really essential item. I have yet to get one, but hoping to start the process this coming Friday. I know how drastically my pump has improved my life, so I’m quite excited for this new amazing device!

Well, I would choose my pump but sans the CGM. And something that is pretty cool for travel with an extra vial are the frio wallets. These things are not only handy dandy they are genius!