Advice on insulin pump and CGM

Hello all of you out there! I am fairly new to this site and needed some opinions/guidance. I am currently using the Medtronic minimed pump but I am due for an update soon. I did some research on CGMs and I'm thinking about going with Dexcom. Does anyone have any advice on how to make it easier to have yet another device on your person? I was also looking into pumps and think I have decided just to update my medtronic pump but don't want to be stuck with it for five years if the ping is able to be connected with the dexcom at some point.

I guess overall I am just wanting to know if carrying around the dexcom monitor is really that big of a hassle or not and which pump between the medtronic one and the ping you guys would recommend using.


I have never used the dexcom, but I just got the revel with CGM and it's suprisingly (sp) accurate compared to the paradigm. A few times I have tested this week it has been only a few points off. I put my sensor in about 8 hours before I hooked up and have been doing 3-4 calibrations per day. It has really helped me (and the diabetes really tick me off) because it was catching unexplained higher BG even into the night the last 24 hours.

I am not sure if I am successful with this so far because I have experience with the minimed system but the paradigm wasn't too bad either for me; I have never used the dexcom because I wanted everything in one system. Hope that helps.

I have been on the MiniMed CGM for just three months. Been on a pump for quite a few years. You will have to pay more attention to the CGM . It constantly beeps at me when going high or low and you will definitely use a lot more fingersticks to keep it accurate. It is more troublesome than I thought.

Please don't try to compare CGM readings with your fingersticks. They are two completely different values. It isn't much of a hassle wearing it, but the amount of time looking at it is considerable. I guess the worst is when it beeps in the middle of the night. My wife hates it! The best thing about it are the graphics on screen. After a while you can spot trends on your eating habits and what foods are high on the glycemic index.

I just got another 90 days' worth of supplies, but I'm not sure if I'm going to continue with the CGM. Last A1C was 6.0. Some in here believe it is a valueable tool, but it's the amount of time to set it up and working right that is an issue for me.

I've got the MM Revel and love my CGM, it's really for me is very accurate and within a few points of my meter all the time. I've just started using mine. Honestly I check mine frequently, so I um lol turned the alarms off on mine. But it's working great for me.

Thanks for all the feedback so far. It's nice to get all your opinions!

I turn mine off too, if I know I am safe. I keep them off at work too so that it doesn't disrupt me working with patients, I can check it manually on a regular basis anyway. I usually don't have a problem with nighttime lows or highs- although yesterday I kept the alarms on and they woke me up so I changed my set - final straw I guess with the trouble I had all day.

I wear the Minimed revel and CGM and it helps me so much. It is very accurate for me most of the time but not 100%. As a certified diabetes educator, I was able to trial the Dexcom sensor and it was very interesting. I think both are good and accurate. Carrying around a separate receiver for the Dexcom was cumbersome at best. But I know some bicyclists who put the Dexcom receiver on their bike handles while they ride and some put it on their steering wheel when they drive. You couldn't do that with the Minimed pump so there are advantages with both.

I think it will make you more OCD about it and Unless you have a Good Regimine set up of how your going to Use a CB ( Correction Bolus) , handle What to do when Going Low and not Over Correct with too many carbs
and How many carbs should you take , if your say 80 , but only after 1 hour after eating? You obvioulsy Over Bolused, now what?

And alternative to having to Meter Test 8-12x a day? Maybe, but as others have mentioned, are thy accurate enough? Even beng off just what 1 Unit can do , may cause a Problem..

Of course, I'm biased, Ave 6% Aq1cs for yrs just using Insulin Pens and counting carbs the best I can.. and testing ave 10-12x a day.. And knowing how to Get those Highs Down alot faster than waiting those Hours and Hours to do it..

Thanks again! Its nice to have the feed back......I am still trying to decide if I want to upgrade with Minimed and be stuck carrying two devices around for the next five years or if I want to try the ping out in hopes that it and dexcom combine forces soon. I have tossed around the idea of just giving in and using the MM CGM but I'm still not sold on having to tape it on and I've heard it leaves more of a scar and isn't as accurate...oh decisions decisions!! Have I mentioned I'm HORRIBLE at making decisions?!?! lol

I'm going through the same thing right now...decisions, decisions. I met with the diabetic (pump) nurse and Medtronic Rep on this the standard practice for trying to get on a pump..did all of you meet with the Reps? I thought I was meeting with just the diabetic nurse to go over ALL pump options but I was only told and handed info from the Medtronic Rep about the Paradigm Revel MiniMed. The Rep, per Rx'd by my Endo, did a trial CGM on me, which I'm wearing too. So, did you all just research on which pump to get, did your Endo or D Team guide did you make your decision(s) on which to get? I also want a CGM. THANKS!

I haven't met with any reps yet but I get frustrated with my diabetic educators because every time I ask what they would do they just say that its all personal preference and they can't recommend one over the other all they can do is give me all the info and tell me whats out there.

how did you get your first pump? i'm just wondering if you all just went in and said, "I want to try 'this" pump...? I just thought it was weird that a rep was there from Medtronic..what about the other options? Are we supposed to just do our own research? Do your Endo guide you...what was your process with your first pump? THANKS!

thanks...yeah, it was my Endo who wanted me to get something through Medtronic (maybe that's what he's trained in)..i just thought that was odd...hope it's not due to kick backs. I have the omnipod trial too, haven't put it on. it does seem kinda big and i'm pretty small.

Oh crap..(ha) decisions, decisions...I'm like maybe I should just wait until the combo all-in-one Pump/CGM. Everyone keeps saying the Medtronic CGM doesn't work well. I don't know. Also, when you get your pump, do you use a different meter or one specifically assigned to the pump?

THANKS! I'm clueless with all this stuff. It's like, I want to get the best insurance will pay for any type..I just don't know what that is? I've heard Ping is good too>>>>?????? My Endo has pushed Medtronic, says they have great customer service and pumps.

Hi Marlajb,

The MM pump and CGMS is 'integrated', and the sensor readings display directly on the pump screen, so there is only 1 device. Basically when Animas comes out with their pump/Dex combo, it will be similar.

In either case, there are separate places where you will insert the infusion set for insulin, and the sensor for the CGMS. But the pump is the only device you need to carry. (and in both case would still need to 'carry' you BG meter if you count that too).

I wish I could combine the pumps and take the best features of each into 1 perfect pump !

it's a blind CGM, i can't see anything..I just have the device inserted in me so my endo can see what my blood sugars are doing for 5 days. they, my endo and team, download everything in their office.but, maybe i'll see if i can get a trial CGM from Dex, thanks!

Thanks for all the info Pat!! As for my first pump,I just went through my endo and they just wrote a Rx for the one they thought would suit me best and a CDE came and did an extensive training session on how to use everything.

I currently have the MM Paradigm, and the Dexcom CGMS. The minute Animas comes out with an integrated CGMS, I would like to switch to their pump. I have one year left on my current MM, and will most likely switch to Animas next time around no matter what. Is it a hassle to have a second device? Yes, and no. When I am out and about, and have my purse handy...I just stick it in there. At work, I wear scrubs, and made sure to get pants with extra 'cargo' pockets. So I slip my Receiver in great during the work week. For everything else, I do struggle. I already put my pump in my front jean pocket, and while the receiver DOES fit in the other pocket...I don't like to do that. I tend to feel too 'stuffed' LOL

In regards to the actual CGMS...I love my Dex. I trialed the MM CGMS a few years ago, and I didn't have very good results. Not just with there being a significant difference in numbers, but even the trending arrows were not trustworthy to me. For whatever reason, the Dex has just worked very well for me. I have had a few bad sensors that I pulled out after a few days as they were WAY off. However, 9 times out of 10 the sensor is pretty accurate(both in nearly matching my meter, as well as being accurate with the trending arros), and stays that way for the entire length of time.

I DO think an integrated system sounds nice, but the MM CGMS is just not accurate or comfortable enough for me to do that at this time.