If you have a D site or blog have you added the Tu 'Logo'?

I did, like the one below

Visit TuDiabetes

I pasted mine here …


Dr. Michael …I have difficulty understanding what you are getting at !
And you posted several ?
This is complicated for this older gal :slight_smile:

Hi Nel,

some people have personal D sites or D blogs.

they can proudly display theat they are a member of TuDiabetes, and there is a link for others to join TuDiabetes.

for example, i first saw it on the ‘poor diabetics’ blog http://thepoordiabetic.com/

so if Tu members have sites or blogs they can use this link (on the right of the page) to promote TuD.

people may not be aware, so here’s a reminder to wave the flag for the cause

Gotcha …thank you ( I plan to keep my continued life simple :slight_smile: …I give out the TuD post cards and mention TuD , whenever I have an opportunity )