Ignorant Diabetes-related Marketing

We all know how big the marketplace is for D-supplies; some of us even believe the marketplace is stifling the push for a cure.

But sometimes I see advertisements that were generated by someone completely oblivious to what it is they are selling - most (but not all) are online. And since I browse a lot of D-related sites, I see related banner ads on non D-related sites.

Like this one, which was on the side of my Facebook page this morning. "Cash For Diabetic Strips". At times, I see other ads referring to "Diabetic Strips" as well.

To me, a "diabetic strip" is when an exotic dancer gets on stage, fully clothed, and by the end of the song she's wearing nothing but a garter and a Minimed.

Please, people, although there are many who dislike the term "diabetic", it refers to the person, not the supplies. None of my meters, strips, or socks have diabetes.

(By the way, if you click on that ad, they'll buy 100 of your unopened, unexpired test strips for a dollar, or something like that).

What kind of ads have you seen that clearly show ignorance of the product or service they're selling?

"To me, a "diabetic strip" is when an exotic dancer gets on stage, fully clothed, and by the end of the song she's wearing nothing but a garter and a Minimed."

Freaking hilarious. Thank you for at least making me (literally) laugh out loud today.

I see signs at hwy exits in Michigan all the time for test strips. What is this black market?

When I was a kid, 30+ years ago, "diabetic food" was commonly used as a label by several in my neighborhood, for anything bland and unappetizing :-).

Don't know if it's still used by some that way today.

Scott, I get this kind of crap on FB all the time, I've started to just ignore it. What bothers me even more ATM are all the ads on TV for 'diabetic' stuff, new-fangled tech that isn't, yada yada. It must be a money-maker or the ads wouldn't run, and wouldn't be even more prolific recently. Money, money, money.... grrrrrr

Me too! I almost choked on the water I was drinking as I read this. Evokes quite the visual. :) Priceless!

I remember the term "dietetic food", which, also being a kid at the time, always confused with "diabetic food". I thought it was food that's on my limited "safe-food" list.

Hi Shawnmarie, that's funny! I like your puppy, too.

Hey Scott, where is this "strip" club? Gotta get together and drink a non alcoholic beer........just 10 carbs!

Humor....the best medicine.

Appreciate the smiles--thanks. Diabetic strip needed for bachelor party.

This doesn't come under the ignorance category, but I can't stand the TV ad for a meter that claims you'll never have to prick your fingers again. Big deal, alternate site arm testing.

My uncle asked me about that one, asking if it's true that you never have to prick your fingers again!! So I told him that you just bleed from your arm instead. No big difference. Now he's repulsed by how misleading that commercial is.

So misleading! Every couple of weeks I have a friend or family excited to tell me about that blasted ad.

Yeah, just like I love how All these Organizations Want US to Donate $ for their Websites and for Cures and everything else..
When most need every Penny they can Get and will need More , because they will have to reitre alot sooner

I just would like them to just ask, us to Leave 1-10% of our Estate to them instead..

with 30-50,000 dying yrly? That ought to be more than enough to get the job done..

I don't know whether it's ignorance or irony, but I've seen some Wilford Brimley/"dia-beetus" references entering the world of humorous memes lately.

http://icanhascheezburger.com/?s=diabeetus for examples

What do you do when a diabetes ad campaign has its own brand of pop culture references? Laugh? Cry? Shake one's head slowly and roll eyes? I don't really know how to respond. (I guess laugh, it's better than the other two.)

I believe that there is black market yes, in alot of countries strips are freely prescribed by the NHS or whatever.

I think some people over request strips and then sell them on ebay etc for a profit typically to type 2s or those in the USA etc.

Sad state of affairs.


This gives me a idea of what to do on my wedding night !!!! Ha Ha! I am not engaged folks,just thinking( and "sayin'".......).

,. HILARIOUS and sexy.

God bless,

that's funny! thanks for the laugh

Hmm... and I thought Deborah was referring to something completely different. Sometimes on highways (particularly before steep hills) there are rumble strips where truckers can test their brakes, and if they fail, the strips (grooves) in the road provide enough friction to slow the truck down.

OK, now I'm confused too Scott. We have those rumble strips too. Deborah, does it mean OUR kind of test strips or the trucker kind? I can't imagine signs for meter test strips?

Test strips on the highway is the method some places use to test various types of paint applications to see which ones are more durable to use in their area. Yellow paint in New York may not be the same formulation as paints in Utah, etc. A better name for them should be test stripes. I guess harsh winters in Michigan can be rough on highway paint.