Illness / Antibiotics and blood sugars

I know everyone is different with diabetes… But, I seem to have a rather silly problem I guess you could say.

Anytime I get sick - ie , strep, kidney infection, flu , ect - I run very low blood sugars that don’t seem to end. I’ve ended up having to have a port placed for this problem. BUT, when I start the antibiotics - it is just the opposite - I end up going into DKA.

My doctor has no advice for me, but to keep a closer check with my sugar, which I do - but I can run from 30 to 400 in an hour easily already. But all my numbers I guess I could say seem more resistant to being treated.

Anyone else have this problem that could give advice?

I had a flu possibly H1N1 1 1/2 years ago and could not get my BG below 250 regardless of the amount of insulin injected.

It is a well known fact that antibiotics and infections usually cause high blood sugars, as will steroids. I wonder if you are on those? Even a steroid injection for muscle and joint pain are likely to put you up for a long time.

If you cannot eat when you are sick, try using some high sugar drink, preferably flat, and sip it throughout the day.

As you say, diabetes is a very individual thing - and fickle! It always seems to change and confuse us!

Hmm. No not steriods - I can’t take them. But it is just wierd how this happens all the time((lol - I was just sick and got out of the hospital from DKA from the antibiotics, so this is why I posted this question))

Thank you both for your answer

I hate to bear more bad news on you. Your profile states that you are female. taking antibiotics can cause a female diabetic to develop the worst of worse yeast infections. From what you stated about your doctor I am sure they don’t know this. I have to question are you seeing an Endo or just a regular doctor? This is information that I had to learn the hard way about. when I went to my ob/gyn about it then she tells me it is common for diabetic women to get yeast infections. If you do acquire one you will most likely have to get prescription medicine to cure it. The stuff at the drug store wont work. Your BS levels could be high because you are stressed too. If you goto the Diabetes and Women’s group they lots of information there too.

Indeed, I learned about this several years ago, but for some reason, I don’t get the yeast infections - Thank God. lol. I see my Endo for everything diabetes related, and actually, he is really good with working with my regular doctors - but it is still fustrating to end up in the ICU from DKA every time I start the antibiotics. I will look into this group and join - thank you for the help :slight_smile: