Being sick + high blood sugar = feeling awful

So I have a sinus infection, and sinus infections always cause me to run high. The past couple days, I’ve fluctuated in the 300’s + range. Right now, however, I am the highest I’ve been in a super long time, 560. I didn’t realize meters even read that high. Anyways, I gave myself a shot (just in case it’s my site, but it’s a new site, so I’m pretty sure it’s just me being sick). I’m thinking I probably have ketones at this point, so I’m drinking a lot of fluids. Does anyone else have crazy blood sugars when they are sick? I’m taking Azythromycin (spelling?), does that affect blood sugar? What about Dayquil (which I am also taking)?

Make sure that your insulins are good, not expired past the 28 days since opened and used. I don;t know what insulin regime you are on? I have had antibiotics make me go high, have you had this kind before??

My bloodsugars run high when I’m sick, even if I’m not taking anything. But Dayquil and a ton of other syrups and things contain quite a bit of sugar, so I’m sure that isn’t helping. There is that sugar-free stuff “Diabetictussin,” and some others I believe if you want to check that out, see if it works, I’m sure it’ll help a little.

yes i run high when i get sick or stressed out also. When my sugars are high it makes it worse not only begin sick but my knee joints hurt so bad plus feeling so fatigued all i want to do is sleep it off. What makes it hard that the place of my work doesnt understand or care . Dayquil and other products contain sugar and what I have heard can mask the syptoms of begin high and low. I find the sugar free products dont work . Maybe if you take dayquil or nightquil take half thats what i do .

Just came across this discussion as I’m having the same problem. I always go really high when I have a cold.

My doctor told me to increase my insulin by 20%. That did nothing. So now I have doubled my insulin (basal and boluses).

No ketones in my urine yet, but I just hate being sick and high. Ugh.

I was always told you have to take about 10% more insulin on a sick day and usually you want to divide it into your short acting and not use your Lantus/Long Acting to correct for this…(check into this, its been awhile since iv done it)

(search for sick day schedule online)


Same story different person here. I would stay away form the dayquil. That stuff rocks my world, and not in a good way. Be careful with the 560, you can get into trouble very quickly. Be sure you do not drive,and for goodness sakes don’t make any important decisions. Heck one time i got all high and decided I needs to watch QVC. BAD IDEA!!!

rick phillips

PS: does anyone need four vegetable cutters? It does Julian Fires, fancy cut carrots, etc etc


Yes it’s true. If you start getting ketone you take 0.1 unit for every kg body weight (devide body weight by 10) Inject every hour and if you sugar goes below 235 start drinking coke- above 13mmol drink diet coke. Apparently Diet coke has something that breaks down acids in the body…

I've never really had sinus infections before, but I just realized I'm having one. My blood sugars are ok throughout the day (when I'm awake to manage it) but at night they shoot up to HIGH while I'm sleeping (probably 400 or 500?). I think the bacteria loves my sugary blood and plans to kill me during the night. I wouldn't mind if it succeeded and freed me from this throbbing headache. Just wanted to sympathize, I'm sure you are feeling better by now I hope!

I've not noticed Dayquil making my sugars higher, but I haven't been sick like that since I've really started tracking my sugars better. I do know that Sudafed always shot my sugar up. I haven't taken it in years now.
But I don't feel yucky when my sugar gets high either--part of my problem. So I'd be more inclined to treat the sickness at hand and make diabetes take a backseat for a couple days. Probably not great advice for everyone... :)

ooh I know this combination and hate it very much myself. As if being sick wasn't bad enough,, but bad/all over the place sugar numbers are an extra disturbance that one really doesn't need at that point. You just have to ride it out, I suppose.