Im a mom with diabetes

any mothers out there who just get those days when if it wasnt enough running after the kids all day, but managing your diabetes too?!

Yes, Yes and Yes!!! I was DX when my daughters were 10yrs. old and 1yrs. old. I was so tired and stressed…it is not until now (16 yrs. later) that I don’t have to run around like crazy, my youngest drives and is a sr. in high school. I have 2 granddaughters age 7 and 3 and I can only handle them BOTH for a day!!! I would have to skip injections when I really need to correct a high, because I was going in all directions and didn’t want a low bs…too hard when you are looking after others. good luck and I’m sure many MOM’s can relate.

Yeah, I get those days all the time, with the children off school at the moment and its pouring rain, I am finding it hard to entertain them. When it’s really stressful my blds do go high.

how about 24-7, I work part time and have 2 daughters 11 and 5, they keep me busy enough, and still have to find time for diabetes stuff, but since I went on the pump, a little easier, you are definatly not alone

uggh, I feel your pain. I was diagnosed last year with type 1 - what a life changing experience.

The pump has made it a little easier, but running around after a 7, 5 and 3 year old make it so difficult. I find myself with way too many low blood sugars. It is just so hard to gage the activitiy level.
The 5-7 hours are the worst - with dinner and baths and homework, etc, and struggling not to go low, some days i feel like I am going to lose it. There are some moments when I am yelling my kids and can’t understand why i am so upset. That’s when I will check my #s, and low and behold I will be low.

As if being a mom wasn’t hard enough…