I'm back! (I think?)

Today I am going to try to become more active on TuDiabetes again, not just for the social aspect of it, but for the health/management benefits as well. Sometimes life (work, kids…) gets in the way of recreational computer use. Sometimes it’s just too depressing to spend even MORE time thinking about diabetes than what is medically necessary (meaning every meal, between meals, during activities, etc. etc…).

But I’m moving to a new house, starting a new job, living in a new state. Time for a new start, right? (Though my wife and son come with me, thankfully. They are my reason for being.)

Let’s hope I stick with it this time!

Welcome back!

WOW! That is many new starts. I surely hope that things work out for you. Yes, we know Life can be Crazy especially when you add a chronic disease into the mix. But with decent Diabetes maintainance, things can happen smoothly, much of the time. Feeling Better and Human is the ticket. Echoing Gerri…Welcome back!! :slight_smile: Good Luck!!