I'm Here for a reason

Let there be no misunderstanding I have Diabetes... We all cope with diabetes in our own way. Being a member in this group means a lot to me. Being Santa allows me to bring to others the joy of the season. That makes me very happy and we all know that has a positive impact on our well being. I'm on my way to Kaiser right now because my ears are draining fluid, I have eighteen inches of titanium in my hip from a car accident ten years ago, I have no immune system and someday I don't want to get out of bed. I'm becoming the Internet Santa because it allows me to set in a chair. In the process through my Live Pod cast show that goes all over the world Children, and really the Children in all of us, can enjoy the spirit of Christmas, which is my theory. So this is not spam I'm just a ham. Little play on words. Merry Christmas

your posts brighten my days! and it’s lovely to know that santa still cares about me!

You are funny! Welcome, Santa!!

Yes, welcome to you, Santa!

Hi Santa, I got a lot of Christmas wish, and I think I’ve been a good girl the whole year round… Hope my name is on your check list… LOL, Merry Christmas to you too…