I'm Quickly Realizing: Being Diabetic is EXTREMELY Expensive!

So I have recently taken over the handling of my bills (not necessarily paying for all of them but I am definitely handling them and paying what I can) for my medical needs and I am very quickly realizing how very expensive everything is.

I haven’t reached my deductible for my insurance so for the time being I have to pay for my insulin, strips, and more out of pocket. I am about to refill my insulin rx for 3 months and it is going to cost me around $850!! We just got me a new insulin pump…shouldn’t this have covered the deductible?

I don’t know how my parents did it all these years. I know the basic prices of insulin, strips, etc but always (sortof) thought the insurance covered most of it. They do…after the deductible ($2500) is reached but we aren’t anywhere close to reaching that right now.

My parents just recently divorced which has thrown off our financial stability also. This is tougher than I ever imagined it would be. Being in college, parents divorced, uncle recently paralyzed and my sister recently having a baby has been hard (emotionally and financially) on my entire family. I was really hoping I would be able to take over the medical bills for the most part (I usually have at least 2 jobs while in school so I have some money coming in, but not enough–so I’m realizing) and this would help everyone out financially but I just don’t think this is going to be that easy. I never realized how much money I REALLY cost my family.

I’m not blogging all of this for pity or anything like that. My family is strong and loyal and always sticks together and we will get the supplies I need (like we always have). I’m really just saying this to say:


Hi Dani! I had a similar situation and the same deductible on my insurance. I was financially dependent on my parents much longer than I expected or would have liked. Thankfully they were able to help me and were supportive. It can be shocking!

Your insulin pump may not have gone through the full billing process yet. You should be sure that you do not pay more than $2500 in the year.

Was it impossible to get health coverage with a lower deductible? High-deductible health insurance usually isn’t recommended for people with chronic illnesses, if they can get better coverage. I’m on an HMO through my husband’s job and there is no deductible, just some pretty reasonable copays.

It can be hard enough for kids transitioning from that place of being dependent, to living on your own and taking over expenses. but its that much harder when you have a chronic disease. Hang tough!

Deefinately check to see if you can get a lower deductible insurance.It will cost you a bit more monthly but will still save you a couple of thousand dollars in insurance costs a year. Also if you need some sort of financial assistance for things like medication lily has a program called lily cares. If you e-mail your govenors health office and explain to them your situation they often times can let you know of programs to help pay for medication and supply. I’m in a similar situation as you.When I turned 18 I had to take over my medical bills because my mothers income was hardly enough to support herself when I moved out and I too was caught off gaurd by the cost,and now i don’t have insurance sooo it went up even more. I e-mailed medtronic about what i feel are outrageous costs for supply and asked them why they don’t have any assistance for patients in financial need, they said when I order supply if I’m a full time student I should ask the rep I speak to about their program for students. I haven’t done this yet because I don’t go full time till next semester,but maybe it’s something that could help.Also check with your county health department ,they can sometimes help with programs for medical costs. Do lots of research online as well,go to the web sites of companies whose supply you use and they to often offer discount programs. Good luck.

As to deductibles… you may be discovering that pharmacy and ‘durable medical equipment’ are two different buckets of money with separate deductibles. And that the pump comes from the DME bucket, and insulin comes from the pharmacy bucket.