Ive been diabetic all my life. I’m 21 now and this is the second yr Ive been completely on my own financially. I have health insurance through my job, but I’m so overwhelmed with medical bills! Thousands of dollars in debt. ER visits and pump supplies and doctor visits even with my insurance are ridiculously expensive. That on top of trying to pay for college! :[ Any suggestions? Any really really good insurances out there I should know about?? I have Aetna now. Help, anything. I’m 21, I shouldn’t be this far in debt already.

I don’t have any suggestions. Sorry. But, you should know that I feel your pain. I am 32 and my parents still help me out with medical bills. It has been a major issue for me to continue to rely on them. I sometimes feel like I am failing at life to have to ask for help from my parents at this age. But, you know, I don’t think it is me failing, it is the medical system that is failing us. I am sorry I cannot help, but you are not alone.

Check out free stuff in the group section. Hope it helps.
My twin sister has had diabetes type 1 insulin dependent for 46 years…

Take care.

I think you can also contact the ones who you owe money to and ask them you are working harding. That you would appreciate a break and make the least amount due on each bill. Always ask for a supervisor. They can make things happen.
We are in MA, My sister has a great plan Fallon Community. They have paid for hyperberic oxygen treatment, wound vacs, great co-pay $10.00 for meds.

Kayla, I feel sorry for you, I also have Aetna insurance (since am in college) It seams common between the universities! lol

They cover all my insulin and medication plus test strips very well, I do have small amount of co-pay between 24 to 50 a month. Regarding my pump and its supplies, they are covered through Medicaid! Am not sure how I had it, but am a father of 2 kids and a student that is in dept. I applied for Food Stamps and Medicaid, was accept in both for my self and my 2 kids!

Not sure if you would be accept it, but you can just visit your local human services and see if you have any luck!

Life is a Journey, when day with you the other it is against you

Just read about some websites that may help you. Check them out.

Let me know how you make out.


Be sure and apply for food stamps and other local assistance. In Indiana we have a system called the tustee’s who do pay a portion of medical expenses. You need to find as many resources as you can right now. Also, check with the university financial aide office. They may have some ideas about your student loans etc. Also as has been suggested her, check into student health insurance. It is often less expensive than other products.

I know it is awfully tough, We are with you.

Rick Phillips

Sorry Kayla.


Look into this idea. You may want to re-enroll as a 1/2 time student so you can get access to student health insurance. Often it is cheaper to do that than drop get a job and carry insurance on your own. Think of it as a two way proposition. you some benefit form going to school and access to health insurance as well.

In order to set this up, go to your college fincinal aide office. You will likely qualify for loans, I know no one wants to take out a loan, but if it means gettign health insurance and moving you along the road, you should really consider it.

Remember you should also fill out a FASFA for next year, even if you do nto plan to attend. Right now is the time to do the FAFSA.

rick phillips