I'm thinking about going from pump to pen

Anybody gone from pump to pen? Do you like it better with a pen? What do you carry your pen and needles in? How do go out to eat? Anything I may need to know, let me know. I really like the pump, and will probably stick with it for a while, but I'm just wondering if using a pen and staying very active is just as good as a pump.

I was on the pump for 13 years when I decided to take a break and go back to MDI. I was really lazy on the pump and that's why I made the switch. My A1c is the lowest it's ever been since my diagnosis, so I would say that it's working for me. Since I'm used to pump dosing, I give a shot before every meal or snack and also when I have to make a correction, so I've been giving about 6 shots a day, including my Lantus, sometimes more. (This high number of injections baffles most MDI-exclusive people!) When I go out to eat, I hardly ever order a high carb meal anymore. You can find success in dreaded high carb pasta dishes and Asian food by giving an initial shot and then another halfway through or after the meal. I've done this while eating out at a Hibachi place with no blood sugar spikes! As for exercise, be careful. I absolutely will not exercise below 140 and I don't go longer than 45 minutes. The disadvantages are obvious: more injections and less control of insulin doses (many pens only do whole units, no halfsies). The advantages are freedom from a device, your sense of mind (you KNOW you are getting all of your insulin), and cost. I have enjoyed being on pens and have had a lot of success in my control.