Help with a WDD Project

Since there are a bunch of people here who like to take diabetes photos, I was hoping some of you could help me. I’m assembling a power point slide show for a WDD event, and I’d like it to include lots of diabetes photos - anything that portrays something about diabetes. I have a bunch of my own photos, but I think it would be infinitely more interesting to have a wide variety of photos. Doesn’t matter if it depicts T1, T2, gestational, or the “other” categories. In addition to that, I’d like to fill in with slides of quotes about diabetes from the people who live it. I would be so grateful for help with this. if you submit a photo or quote, please indicate whether you’d like your name (first or first and last) or if you prefer I just attribute it to anonymous. Please send anything you’d like to contribute to leeann at thebuttercompartment dot com. if you’re intersted, but have any questions about it, please ask! It’s just for an awareness presentation - I’m not selling anything or using it commercially or whatever, just so you know.

Obviously, I have a time crunch here. I was only invited to do this this afternoon. The sooner you can send me something, the better in light of the timing.

THANKS!! (I hope it’s OK to post this)

Hey, can anyone help me? If you don’t have pictures, I’d really like to get some statements about what diabetes means to people, how it’s affected them, etc. I’ll attribute the quotes to anonymous if anyone doesn’t want their name used.


Yes, I do have diabetes; but, diabetes does not have me!

There are times when I want to give up, but faith helps me pull through

I’m the odd one out…only diabetic in the family…it makes me feel unique =)

It’s tough to be surrounded by “normal” people who have no idea what I go through to live one day

I wish people would educate themselves before they tell me what I should be doing

—i just came up with these (if you can’t already tell!!!) i have photos on my laptop at home, but won’t be on it til this afternoon (i do have a couple on this site if you really need some)…wish I could help out more—

Thank you - those are great!!

“I had to learn to do everything again - this time the diabetic way”

“Sometimes I think of diabetes as my imaginary friend”

“Just because one diabetic you know does X, doesn’t mean that I can, will, or want to”

“There is no one diabetic diet. There are many diets that work for different people.”

“I have secret sugar stashes everywhere - my bedroom, my office, my car”