In honor of my anniversary

Yesterday was my 4-month anniversary! And to celebrate, here are all the reasons that I like having diabetes:

  1. My diet has become the most awesome it’s ever been in my whole life. I’m eating a great variety of healthy foods, weight is stable, C/P/F ratios are within range, and I’m devoting more time to meals than I ever did. (Also, I love opening the refrigerator and seeing all the great variety of healthy foods I now keep in stock!)

  2. I’m putting more attention into taking care of myself than I ever did before.

  3. Now I know WHY I used to be so sick all the time, and I’ll bet my healthiest years are ahead of me.

‎4) My life is sooo much more structured than the irresponsible chaos I was struggling with before.

  1. And…I’m meeting new communities of friendly, helpful people. I love how diabetics support each other!

You guys have anything to add to the list?

Jan :slight_smile:

Thanks, Mark! :slight_smile: